Feminism and Food

An interesting persepctive. Is “buying local” hurting the feminist movement?

How does the laundry get washed and folded? How do books get read and dental appointments made? How on earth do these same women have time to plan balanced meals, let alone meals composed of organic, in-season ingredients… grown locally?

I wonder. I wonder if the slow-organic-local food movement is truly sustainable for and friendly to the larger community of women.

I’ve wondered if the “buy local” movement is hurting third world peoples. We’re the richest country in the world, so by buying papayas here in Colorado I always figured it was a help to third worlders as they work to step up to 2nd and 1st world. I hadn’t really thought that by pressuring folks to “buy local” you’re also pressuring women/mothers (and of course men/fathers) to “work harder”! Spend even more time picking out groceries!

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  1. Awesome post.

    There’s another name for “buy local.” It’s called poverty and it’s beloved by a lot of collectivist scolds. We could all have our own little farms and live like characters in a Willa Cather book. Trade brings us wealth, wealth brings us opportunities. Women and minorities benefit greatly from these newfound opportunities.

    This is just one more (really good) example of leftists’ inconsistencies. They want to empower those on the bottom of the economic ladder but they impede wealth creation, they shout for gay rights and women’s rights but refuse to support military struggles against people who would enslave and kill them.

    I hate to bring you down on your week of victory, but I’d ask you to consider that relaxed immigration is an extension of this. Reduced produce prices, less expensive restaurant labor, and the benefits of comparative advantage also empower women and mothers. Calls for restricting the free flow of labor, goods, or capital across borders will have the same effects that concern Ms. Jeffrey.

  2. I don’t think I get how buying local is against the feminist movement. Are you trying to say that the feminist movement is to make all women get out of the home and into jobs where they don’t have to care for their families? Because I was taught that it was about choice. Or are you saying that even a feminist mother is suppose to live a June Cleaver lifestyle where she handles all the shopping and cooking while the man of the house sits in his recycler smoking a cigar? Because my husband works jsut as hard as I do to make sure that our family eats the best food available. In fact he is the one that does most of the shopping, not me. So am I opressing him and making him work harder by having him by local and organic? See, that is the beauty of being equals. We can do things, get this, equally. While he’s at the store I can toss in a load of laundry. I’ll cook up dinner then bath the kids while he does the dishes. It is amazing how you can get things done when you don’t expect one person to do it all. Imagine that, I’m an equal with my partner even inside the home. I guess that means I can keep my feminist membership card afterall.

    jk: Why do we have to bomb and invade other countries to have equal rights here? Are you honestly trying to say that once we’ve dominated everyone else then the US will get around to give homosexuals equal rights? That is the most ridiculous notion I have ever heard. Those in other countries are not the ones in charge of our laws. They are not the ones striking down laws that give everyone here in America equality. But I guess it is easier to blame someone else than to look at our own flaws.

  3. Mom,

    We’re pretty equal around my house as well. I am saying that choices you and I and our spouses have made have been made possible by innovation, modernity and wealth created by trade. The “buy local” movement to me is just an extreme version “Buy American” protectionism.

    As you restrict your ambit of trade, you become poorer. The extreme example being a return to each of us growing the family’s own food. We’ve seen those times and they were not empowering to women.

    Perhaps my foreign policy statement was off topic. but I cannot let your response stand. I refer to Christopher Hitchens’s view that people of the left should be MORE concerned about the enemies we face, because of their inferior treatment of women and homosexuals.

    We debate whether gays should be offered marriage or civil unions, the regimes we toppled argued whether they should be thrown off a high wall or have a wall toppled on them.

    Sorry if you don’t see a difference.

  4. Oh JK, you can not bring me down after my week of victory.
    But interesting what you have yet to hear though I’ve said it time and time and time again is that in all reality I firmly believe that once NAFTA passed and BUSINESS was allowed to cross borders freely, so should have people been allowed to cross borders freely!!!

    My problem is that I want all the people to have papers and I want the people to have the opportunities that this country offers.

    That means a couple things.

    1) if you legalize the 12 million here, then another 12 million will cross illegally again.
    Why? Because the jobs are still there.
    Once those 12 million are out of the shadows, then they will have the opportunities that a true free market should supply. Which means they go where their skills can best be used.

    This is not picking lettuce, or cleaning bathrooms.

    so – the 12 million all here get better jobs and the farmers still need illegal seasonal labor and will still be unwilling to pay for it.

    2.) A true free market would have those jobs that “Americans just won’t do” be worth something.

    so that maybe Americans won’t want to do it, but people coming here in an open border situation would be willing to do it, without being stuck doing it because they have some stupid agreement with the govt where they only get to come here on a “work pass” to pick the lettuce and that’s it.
    Even though they may be licensed in teaching or plumbing or some other job that “Americans will do”.

    You were all over this bill as if it mades things more of “relaxed immigration”. No it didn’t. It made the current backlog of what SHOULD be relaxed immigration even more of a backlog. It made things unfair to those are in that backlog.

    I absolutely believe and I have said again and again that more immigrants should be allowed in this country.
    This bill didn’t do it.
    I’m glad it’s dead and gone.
    Time for some sense in it.

    Why isn’t that clear???

    Activist Mommy,
    I said it was interesting perspective and it is. Why? Because it’s from a feminist who has made the choice in her household (albeit different from yours) to do the cooking and the shopping.
    By holding people, not just women, but people to the standard of “buying local” the buy local movement is giving her more work when she’d rather spend that time doing something else. Whether it be playing with her kids, teaching them something or fooling around with her husband.
    And she saw that and blogged about it.

    You must not have read the link at all. We all make our own choices in our own homes. Good for you for doing all that you want and spending the time to “buy local” if that’s what you think is important.
    I buy cheese and tortillas myself and tend to live off of that and a few vitamins. And I don’t have children, a husband, or even a large house. We take our time and we choose what we want.
    That is the height of feminism.

    That woman blogger was feeling the pressure (perhaps from people such as yourself) to do more by buying local. The movement was about freedom and equality. If you want to do more, do more. If you want to feed local, do so. She doesn’t need to pressure herself into doing that.

    And yes JK has excellant points about world affairs.

    “Movements” out there are very very funny. Feminists put pressure on women to be other than who they are vs being free to be who they are.
    (Ie your little rant there could be construed to say – nyah, nyah – in MY house, things are equal.) You don’t even know what it’s like in that other woman’s house. They could be just as equal there only in more traditional means. Maybe she cooks/shops while he works outside the home driving long haul trucks and is gone most of the week. Yet you judge.

    Like leftists who are so quick to judge here in this country and call people bigots and worse, yet are unwilling to help those in need in other countries. Unless it happens to be the place in need of the leftist day. ie Tibet. Darfur.

    And then, the help only comes in the manner of a bumper sticker or cash to a “movement”.
    Mr. Al Gore and his jet and his big house is yet another prime example. “The world will end unless YOU change everything in your life. But not ME, because I’m very busy telling YOU to change, for the good of the world.”

    Long, rambling, tired.
    Thank you all for the comments though. I do like them! You made my day!

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