Federal vs State Govt

Apparently Thomas Friedman thinks the Federal Govt is the “real” govt.
Concerning climate initiatives he had this to say:

David Moskovitz, who directs the Regulatory Assistance Project, a nonprofit that helps promote green policies in China, was even more blunt: “The most frequent and difficult question we get in China with every policy initiative we put forward is: ‘If it is so good, why aren’t you doing it?’ It’s hard to answer — and somewhat embarrassing. So we point to good examples that some American states, or cities, or companies are implementing — but not to the federal government. We can’t point to America.”

Too bad. “It was America which put environmentalism on the world’s agenda in the 1970s and

’80s,” recalled Glenn Prickett, a senior vice president for Conservation International.

“We can’t point to America.”. I would suggest that America is the states/the cities, the companies. The title of his column is
“Lead, Follow or Move Aside”, and it’s about how places like Walmart are doing more than the Federal Govt. What it doesn’t address is what “America” is doing that is in the way of progress and that why he’s saying “Move aside”. Based on this column the Fed Govt has moved aside.

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  1. I have no time for the smartest person on the planet: Mr. Thomas Friedman. Life is really really simple: If he cared more about the world and the US, he would stop being some bulllshit artist writing stories and actually joint something that mattered. That might be a Under Secretary of State, someone in the UN, you name it. The fact that he hides behind his “journalistic status” he’s a coward and greedy for the money, plain and simple.

    Hey Tom….how was the sushi at Nobu tonight while the world wonders…

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