February 1 is right around the corner

And it’s time to weigh in.

I still love Fiorina, but she can’t win.
Cruz IS unlikable, but what do I care?
Trump is Obama on steroids.
Rubio – I actually like this guy. I know, I know. But he’s smart, he’s quick on his feet, for the most part he sounds authentic. I don’t like his war mongering, but I’m fine with his being in the gang of eight.
Christie – I actually like him too. He could run a presidential office and listen to the constitution.
Rand Paul – Yeah, I like him, but he can’t win.

Trump – Here is David Harsanyi expounding on all the things Trump could mean.

There are many potential outcomes to a Donald Trump GOP nomination. And every one of them is a disaster for conservatives.

He misses one thing. It IS possible for Trump to win the Presidency, and have the Presidency humble him just enough for him to do right. He doesn’t know much about the position. It IS possible. Obama knew the job and also “knew” he was better than the job. I don’t think Trump knows the job enough yet to think that. Does that make sense?
We’ll see.

Trump v Clinton – I gotta go Trump
Trump v Bernie – I would have to think again. Bernie could ruin the country completely, but he is not the devil. Hillary would take it straight to hell.
Clinton or Bernie vs anyone else – I’ll take anyone else on that stage.

For now, right this second – Cruz.

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