Faith is important but you have to have your eyes open too.
My way of saying, as much as I like/trust Bush, I’ll be watching this story of ATT diverting all phone/emails to a room where it duplicates itself. One for the government (NSA) and one version to go on it’s merry way.
I’m ok with not prosecuting ATT, but perhaps the NSA may need a little prosecuting…..

We have our lines and as of this moment many people were uncomfortable with listening in on conversations directed out of or into this country. Nothing was said about conversations within this country. I suspect that’s a line we’re not ready to cross.

(And yes, I already know that a data dump does not mean that the government heard me [and gives a hoot] tell my friends I’ll meet them downtown tonight, but it does mean that they could have heard me, if they wanted to take the effort. I may not be doing anything tonight I don’t want them to know, but who knows down the road. I don’t trust governments to always not do evil. You can’t even trust Google in that, and that’s their motto!)