Fair Play

To be clear – I can’t stand Trump.

To be clear – the one good thing about Trump is that he is at heart a lefty, which means he knows their tactics. Now I don’t actually believe he’s clever enough to use tactics, but I do believe after being raised a lefty, that it comes automatically to him.

So this judge thing with Judge Curiel……Trump is questioning his ability to give Trump a fair trial. Why? Because of the politics of race. From the left, it is assumed that all white men are biased. It’s assumed that white police officers are biased. It’s assumed that before Sotomayer was on the court that it, by definition was biased. But now it has a wise Latina woman so it’s not, even though she will just take the left’s position every time. There is no evidence that she is not biased. It’s assumed that Tea Partiers are racists.

So why – when Trump works with these basic assumptions, he’s the bad guy? He isn’t. He’ll get through this. Judge Alberto Gonzales even agrees with him.

Republicans are telling Trump to “get on the page” or to apologize etc. Trump is digging in Democrat style. In the past Republicans have been respectful and believing in the rule of law. No one of authority questioned AG Holder NOT pressing charges against those Black Panthers intimidating voters. The media did not question Holder’s views. Instead we respectfully stepped aside.

The one good thing Trump is doing is NOT respectfully stepping aside. Is he racist? Pretty much. But aren’t all white people racist anyway? Why not work to get a sympathetic racist white judge to hear his case?

Aside to the GOP: Quit telling the man what to do. He’ll only do the opposite and you’ll end up looking like an idiot for thinking you can control him. You don’t know how to win the presidency. You don’t know what Trump’s appeal is. You only have a media echo chamber telling you why Trump can’t win. If he can’t, he can’t. Let the people know the man and decide. Quit trying to hid him.

Our other option is already a known figure. We need to assess real risks, not the caterwauling of the left.

In perusing the net today I see Ace blogs on this far better than I. He’s got 3 posts, all worthy.
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It intrigues me about Trump how none of these “massive fails” of his, never cause him to fall. Perhaps with him absolutely refusing to work the room following the rules of civilized behavior that only fall to the right is doing the trick.
Time will tell.

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