Today’s NYTimes has an article about Barack Obama’s lack of big ticket legislation in the Senate. The title says it all.
“Star Power, Minor Role”

Today’s HotAir has an article by Ed Morrissey on Hillary Clinton’s lack of significance in her “experiences” in the last 35 years that she always likes to talk about. Regarding the revelation by Lord Trimble that she did NOT play a role in the peace process there after she claimed “I helped bring peace to Northern Ireland”:

What a shock! Hillary exaggerates her importance yet again! Of course, what else can she do? She’s had an unremarkable Senate career, whose major accomplishment has been to secure almost a half-billion dollars in pork. She has nothing else on which to run except to steal credit for the palatable actions of her husband’s administration.

This is the reason that Barack Obama has enjoyed the success he has until now. He hasn’t been twenty pounds of manure in a ten-pound bag, as the saying goes. He comes across as genuine and believable; Hillary comes across as a BS-er whom no one can trust.

Twenty pounds of manure in a ten pound bag. I’m going to remember that one.

Also read Mark Steyn because he’s got a funny one up regarding which of America’s sins are greater. Racism or misogyny.
Orrin Judd has the best note concerning “people having to choose”.

“People won’t, Democrats will,” the blogger Orrin Judd responded. “People will elect John McCain in November, demonstrating that we don’t share their guilt.”