One thing we definitely need over the next 9 months is more articles like this. It concerns the debate over the weekend and everyone going after Hillary and how she’ll make an excellant opponent because she’s a DC insider and the voters are looking for change so if Hillary wins, the GOP can take her and BE the agent of change.

I’m listening to a book right now and in it it notes how with the takeover of Congress by Democrats in 2006 the Presidency is most likely going to go Democrat in 2008. (somehow having election predictions in a book about the environment seems very, very, very strange to me.)

Anyway – this isn’t the first I’ve heard that of course the Dems are going to win in 2008.

If that’s the expectation and not the reality you can bet that people are going to call foul again about a stolen election. Expectations need to changed if we’re going to change the discourse in politics to make it slightly friendly again. Republicans CAN win this. Congress BARELY went Democrat in 2006.

People in this county (Boulder, CO) assume the election is a done deal because they live in their little lefty cocoons. Spread the word. Change those expectations. Stand up and speak up at parties if you’re not a lefty. (I know. It’s scary) The left needs to know that it’s easily possible for the GOP to win.

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