Establishment vs Tea Party

In the wake of establishment GOP dissing the Tea Partiers along with the Democrats, me thinks it would behoove them to remember who all is needed to “win these elections” that they keep referring to.

The GOP has lost a big portion of it’s base. Now it reasons that it’s not their fault, but rather their constituents’ fault. Good luck with that strategy.

In other words:

Kick me out of your big tent. And then stand around with the rest of the confused Republicans who wonder why, when they throw a party there, they’ve seriously over-ordered the bacon-wrapped shrimp and the bad white wine.

Yes, this country is far worse off than it would have been under a McCain or a Romney. FAR. But in reality, it’s been heading in this worse off direction for quite some time now. Which is the better strategy? The slow spiral down, or going Galt? Time will tell. There are a lot of Dagny’s out there now who are willing to fight to the end and realize that one must fight from within. And a lot of others fighting from without. But let’s say the next election comes and Obama wins the house because the GOP has kicked 1/3 of it’s voters/fighters out on their ears. How much “hope” can one country have?
I believe there is a limit.

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