End of Year Fun

George Will’s column about letting progressives rule and then what happens.

The problem is that the longer the progressives rule, the more that seems normal and American. Also, while he’s right about this point below, I think by shutting down the government conservatives did 2 things. 1 – they made it VERY clear that no one on the right supports Obamacare or thinks it is a good idea and 2) they made it impossible for the narcissistic president we have could not immediately postpone the law a year once he realized the problems that existed.

It is difficult to recall and hard to believe that just three months ago some conservatives, mirroring progressives’ lack of respect for the public, considered it imperative to shut down the government in order to stop ObamaCare in its tracks. They feared that once Americans got a glimpse of the law’s proffered subsidies, they would embrace it. Actually, once they glimpsed the law’s details, they recoiled.

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