EJ Dionne

So I read Dionne’s column this morning because the title included the word ‘dog’.

Turns out it was another feel sorry for the poor column. I was poor half my life and even I never felt sorry for me. (though I will admit I’ve always known someone, somewhere in my family could be guilted into taking me in if it was ever required. So – not that poor.)( and as a reminder of what the average poor person in this country has, read this list.

Anyway – turns out Dionne thinks that dogs take up more news space than the poor (and I assume the poor should take up more room in his opinion.
This is what cracked me up and reminded me why I don’t read him.

But the Katrina coverage stood out precisely because it was the exception. It took a hurricane to sweep poor people into the news — and they didn’t stay there long.

There is another lesson from Katrina: that covering poverty and inequality makes for compelling journalism.

Katrina is STILL in the news! What does he mean they didn’t “stay there long”? And yes compelling journalism CAN be had if you make up stories about rapes/murders/police shootings.