Doing “something”

What happens when we find out that what is continually missing in this society is not lack of gun control, but lack of connection with God?
Do we then legislate that? People who shoot others up in a rampage clearly have problems. They are missing the part where not only do they end up in the newspapers, but they end up directly in hell. For eternity.
We don’t believe that anymore.
We don’t believe in a God that puts His foot down.
We don’t believe in a God that cares so much for us that he gave his own Son to take on the sins of raging gunmen.
And we just let that go by as we go about our business.

Doing “something” isn’t taking away individual’s right to defend themselves and militias’ right to defend this country from tyrants. It’s turning society back towards a greater power who we want to please because we can feel Him in our hearts.
I don’t know how to do that, but I suspect it would help if we start taking stands for morality. (cough, cought,weinstein, cough)

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