This is a fun article about dogs and their abilities. Mostly their ability to read humans….but then that’s the important part eh?

The researchers held two containers, one empty and the other containing food, in front of chimpanzees and dogs. Then they pointed to the correct container. The canines understood the gesture immediately, while the apes, genetically much more closely related to humans, were often perplexed by the pointing finger.

That’s not all. Many dogs were even capable of interpreting the researcher’s gaze. When the scientists looked at a container, the dogs would search inside for food, but when they looked in the direction of the container but focused on a point above it on the wall, the dogs were able to understand that this was not meant as a sign.

Follow the Finger

Dogs are so geared toward communication with people that it seems to run in their genes. For a still-unpublished study, Kaminski and her fellow researchers repeated the pointing experiment with six-week-old puppies. Astonishingly, even the puppies understood immediately that it was worth investigating the area the human finger was pointing to

This was an interesting observation too.

It is no coincidence that the domestic dog’s ascent to stardom in behavioral research coincides with its career as a lifestyle accessory. “In the past, dogs were mainly trained to obey, and many things were simply forbidden,” says Range. “But if a dog only dares to breathe when his owner allows him to, it’s difficult to study his cognitive abilities.”

Like I said earlier…the more we know of animals, “The more you know of animals and are able to read them, the more you realize that they too have “life” and thoughts and personality quirks etc. The less you know, the less you see.”

Still working my way through JK’s recommendation of Dominion, by Matthew Skully, and taking down phone numbers of local family farms.