Disaster Inflation

Is it any wonder that “Global Warming” does not get the due some people think it should? The UN has given us 7 years to end carbon emission growth in order to save the planet.
Is that going to happen? No.
Let’s talk in 7 years.

In other news, the UN denies inflating AIDS numbers.
In other news, “Save the Children” says that “up to 15,000” people died in the cyclone in Bangladesh
when in reality, it’s closer to 3500.

Disasters are bad enough as is. When you inflate them, you “cry wolf” and pretty soon, no one thinks there really is a disaster.

Stop doing this!

UPDATE: Dominic Nutt from Save the Children has let me know that they did not say the above, that up to 15,000 people have died from the cyclone. Let’s see, believe Dominic or believe the MSM? I think I’ll go with Mr. Dominic and instead change the above to read
In other news, The Telegraph says that “up to 15,000” people died in the cyclone in Bangladesh
when in reality, it’s closer to 3500.

This particular article was updated today and I have no idea how to find the cached verion of the 19th. (Help?) But I suspect Save the Children were misquoted based on past performance by the media.

5 thoughts on “Disaster Inflation

  1. Please note that Save the Children UK has not said that up to 15,000 people have died in the Bangladesh cyclone.

    Dominic Nutt
    Head of News – Save the Children UK

  2. Interesting.
    I don’t know how to pull caches, but the story above was written on the 19th with a title of “…toll hits 15,000”. Now it says that Save the Children “it feared that 15,000 people could have died while the Red Crescent estimated around 10,000.”

    I am not one to believe the MSM, so will assume you folks were misquoted.

  3. Our best guess as to how this could have happened is that a collegaue in Bangladesh was asked during a live interview if the figure could, potentially rise to 15,000 – a guestimate I think that was banded around on TV news in the early days of this crisis.

    Our man said that it was perhaps possible – but was expressing an entirely hypothetical position.

    We think this has been interpreted as us stating this as some class of official Save the Children estimate. We don’t make estimates for the very reason that body count inflation is, as you imply, unhelpful.

  4. It definitely was interpreted that way. You are very much on the ball to be straightening it out in the course of blogs. Thank you.

    The disaster in Bangladesh IS a disaster. Those people there get the brunt of everything. Thank you for being there to help them.

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