Dem wimin, those foreign lands

Maybe they shouldn’t have a seat at the table. Who are we to judge? Sure, they can call it a “free and transparent” election if they want to. Not everyone is allowed to run here either you know. We’re just as bad.

MS. PSAKI: Well, we don’t take positions on any candidates, as you know, and we hope that the upcoming elections will be free, fair and transparent and will represent the will of the Iranian people. So we wouldn’t wade into decisions made by the government. Of course, broadly, we hope that women around the world participate in politics and elected office, but beyond that I don’t think I have anything specific for you.

QUESTION: Taking the word “fair” — if you’re being fair, it would seem to exclude 50 percent of the population from an election, would already mean that it is not a fair election.

MS. PSAKI: Well, we don’t weigh in on to specific candidates and the candidates that are chosen through the process in Iran. Of course, of course, broadly speaking we do want women to participate in elections around the world and rise up in elected office.

Seriously worth a read this morning just for the funny papers parts of it.

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