Debate #2

When you’re young and you are excited about watching your first debate, tonight’s debate is the sort of thing you expect to see. Animosity, accusations, questioning of records. Instead you usually get politicians too filled with decorum to really discuss Benghazi with Obama, that sort of thing.

What we learned tonight.
1 – Donald Trump can learn and learn quickly. He had a lot of information at his fingertips concerning Hillary’s bullpucky that he didn’t bother to bring up last time. A friend and I wondered in September if he was just learning who his opponent is before really bothering with the one two punches. I think that’s true. He learned the facts and figures needed to hand her her “I’m most suited for the job” back to her on a plate.
2 – Donald Trump can control himself. I didn’t think he was going to make it 90 minutes but he did.
3 – Sorry – we didn’t learn a thing about Hillary tonight so I don’t have a talking point on that..

Trump wants the job and he’s going to do what he can to get it. He’s right, he’s fighting not only Democrats but the media and a good portion of Republicans too.

He did however earn my respect tonight.

ps – read this in regards to the Trump uproar.

As an aside – while I agree with much of what is in the link I have been saying all along that Republicans (big R party Republicans) got us to this place by not having a clue. They put up Jeb Bush as their guy and then figured the more candidates there are the better. Rand Paul would be an easy win over Hillary but no, the Republicans so didn’t want Cruz that they decided Jeb Bush was their guy. Jeb is probably an awesome man and would make a great president but not this election. The Republicans screwed his chances for a future run by running him this year. They were tone deaf and Donald Trump is their gift to the rest of us.

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