Varifrank teaches Howard Dean a little about history and what really happened the last time we gave up on a people.

His conclusion:
“I’ve often had the phrase “War is not the answer” thrown into an argument by the other side when I make statements for our actions in the Jihadi war. My response is that “War is certainly the answer, if the question is slavery or genocide”. This is exactly what is at stake here. From the words of today’s Democrats, the only answer to slavery and genocide is a withering barrage of summits and press conferences. I’m sure it would have had Hitler shaking in his boots to have them say “give peace a chance” to him in response to the Lidice massacres.

I really don’t know why anyone bothers with Howard Dean discussing what it means to ‘win and lose’. Howard Dean couldn’t even win in Ohio.”

I second this last part. The only reason anyone bothers with Dean anymore is because of his actual job title. He needs to be fired!

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  1. Good thing Dean is not a football coach or he would have been outta there a lllooong time ago!

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