Dating a liberal

These interviews with conservative women and their dating made the rounds yesterday.

What got to me was the Megan McArdle worst dating story. Not even Dr. Helen, defender of all things manly defended the dude here. Yet the story had a bit of the ol’ irony in it.

Megan’s date was clearly a cad. What did she do about it? Leave? Nope. She ordered the most expensive desert on the menu.

…….I felt like, “I’m owed this much.”

Point one. Her company can be bought.

Now the gross guy suggests (after she rejects his offer of going up to her place) that she needs to think of another way to pay him back for dinner.

Here response:

“First of all, I cannot be bought and second of all, if I could, it would not be for Bangers and Mash and a glass of white wine.” Then I grabbed all the money I had in my purse, threw it at him, and hailed a cab.

Point 2 – Her company can not be bought.
Um-which is it?

That is a “worst date” if I ever heard of one. But the irony of “I cannot be bought” after purposefully ordering a 2nd desert that is the most expensive on the menu seems to have escaped her. And no I am not equating sex/desert. Just her companionship and her companionship.