Daring to Hope

Yes, that’s me. I am daring to hope that President Bush will have accomplished what he set out to accomplish in Iraq before he goes home.
Today two stories: Out of the Washington Post:

The Shiite-led government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is pursuing an increasingly successful effort to contain the militias of his Shiite rivals and to exercise authority over areas where Iraqi forces were once unwelcome. The strategy has won Maliki admiration from Sunni politicians and from U.S. and British officials, who credit him with exerting some of the political will necessary to achieve reconciliation.

That was going to be needed if story number two is to occcur:
From Gateway Pundit (ht Tai Chi Policy)

Iraqi forces will take over security operations in the remaining provinces by the end of this year according to Iraqi President Talabani.

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