Dang – Trump has it figured out

Trump has finally figured out that he’ll be the best thing since sliced bread if only he works with Democrats!!
Protests will die down, he’ll get tons of recognition and pats on the back. Maybe it’s the Dems that figured it out. “if we stroke his ego, we can get what we want, because basically he’s a Democrat”.

National Review’s Geraghty is acting like those of us who voted for the man didn’t already know this. “I told you so” he basically says.

Yeah yeah yeah, we knew. The primary voters knew. They are basically Democrats too. You don’t get guaranteed issue, no changes to Medicare and unimpeded government without being a Dem. Yes Jim, there are those idiots like Coulter, but most of us knew. I’m still glad Hillary isn’t the president.
I don’t really care about DACA and the debt ceiling was going to be raised no matter what. So far, so fine.
I still wish President Trump well and don’t believe for a second he has any principles to follow or to deny. He wants to do a good job and people can convince him of what that means very easily.

Work harder to be convincing, Republicans. And also work on teaching the man about not “giving in to terrorists”. He needs help with all that.

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