Da Police

Let’s be clear…..I am prejudiced. Against Boulderites. Their sanctimonious ways keep me out of their town. Sadly I am in their county. So this article with the title
Bouler Police Grapple with Racial Disparity in Arrests
gave me a little chuckle this morning.

Apparently in Boulder the % of people arrested who are black is greater than the percentage of people who are black in town.

According to a recent analysis by USA Today, Boulder had the second-highest disparity in the frequency of arrests for blacks and non-blacks in the state of Colorado between 2011 and 2012.

Then you have the back and forth with university folks doubting that black people commit more crime and the police insisting they don’t profile and they even have a more diverse force than the actual population.

David Harris, the law professor, said in the wake of national events, all police departments should be self-evaluating.

“They should be asking, ‘What are we not doing that we could be to build relationships with all of the people in our town?’ ‘Are we causing friction we are not even aware of?'”

Harris said one of the reasons the situation in Ferguson became hostile is the local police department did not have prior relationships with the black community.

“They had virtually no relationship with the African American community, no real partners in that community,” Harris said. “They had nobody they could turn to, nobody in that community who supported police. They just did not know how to handle it, who to talk to about the facts. Their response was blind to the context of the community.”

To that end, Testa said his department is focused on being a part of the community so it knows about issues and needs of every population. The department holds citizen police academies, appoints liaisons for different communities and tries to get officers out in the city to interact with residents.

“We continually reach out to really all populations within our city,” Testa said. “You have to get officers out of the cars and get them personal contact. You have to build relationships.”

So, it only happened in Ferguson because there was no relationship. It won’t happen in Boulder because the police reach out to “all the populations within the city”……
Yet “all populations” mean upper middle class to rich white liberals.

Boulder is a place which has basically outlawed simple poverty. Oh, you can live on the streets, but not in a cheap home. You can have a bunch of roommates, but you can’t use your porch. You can smoke in the basement of your own home that you own, but not in the alley. You can take care of dogs/cats/elk but you can’t remove a nasty old chicken shed from your yard. Add on? HAHAHAHA Build a cabin? HAHAHAHA Use your mineral rights? hahahahaha Begging is ok, but only where people don’t congregate.

Is there institutionalized racism in Boulder? I don’t know…..but there is certainly institutionalized poor-ism there. What will save Boulder from Ferguson’s fate? People have too much money in Boulder to go out and loot and pillage their neighbor’s businesses. If they couldn’t get their latte in the morning because it burned down…..then you would see rioting.

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