Well here it is, via california conservative. This is the straw. I’ve been a Democrat my whole life and I keep thinking that if I stay in the party I can affect change through the primaries etc. I keep thinking this can be the party of Liebermans and Millers. But there is only so much I can take and this sort of dumba** insulting bull sh** lies concerning the President of this country is it. I am refiling today and letting my representatives know about it.

Captain Ed carries the story too and notes how these comments are not being carried by the msm.

One thought on “D-Day

  1. I went back to being a Republican after Clinton’s escapades and, in my opinion, ruining respect for the office of President from the general population. So, welcome to the saner side, where I still disagree with a lot of GOP general philosphies, but at least feel confident we can negotiate and try to reasonably assert why things should change instead of putting on wild antics with movie and rock stars, who have so much political wisdom.

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