Neo-Neocon does some compare and contrast.

I’ve written elsewhere that I believe the best course of action right now vis a vis Iran would be to work for regime change though clandestine operations within that country. I also believe we need to have a plan in place to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities if need be.

I’m just glad I’m not in charge.

2 thoughts on “Cuba/Iran

  1. Confused? I’m not really confused. Iran is a situation. Many people have many opinions about how to handle it. I currently am trusting to our own government right now who is a) allowing others to negotiate while b) showing strength in small but noticable ways and c) is talking in ways that some may say sound crazy. Again – I’m not confused, I’m glad I’m not in charge. Your link didn’t help. It just shows what everyone already knows. We don’t know how far away Iran is from building a Nuclear bomb and frankly we don’t even know for sure that they will. However they have threatened. And their threats sound credible, especially if you happened to be Israel.
    Neo-Neocon has an interesting take on it. Hence the link. I doubt she is confused either.

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