I, an upper middle class white woman, shopped on Thanksgiving evening at Walmart and bought a silly looking and inexpensive entry level, portable hot tub and am very happy about it.

Social just warrior? Not me. Some times…..many times… want something cheap.
The only reason to boycott Walmart is if you disagree with their might is right tactics of negotiating with suppliers, not their wages, nor their prices, nor their profit margin or their success.

I have no idea how many people shopping that evening were poor, but I do know that everyone I spoke with was incredibly happy about the deals they were getting. Most in line were bragging about what they found, while others who heard would run off to get one too.

There’s no sign of it here in Magnolia, Ark., but the boycott season is upon us, and graduates of Princeton and Bryn Mawr are demanding “justice” from Wal-Mart, which is not in the justice business but in the groceries, clothes, and car-batteries business. It is easy to scoff, but I am ready to start taking the social-justice warriors’ insipid rhetoric seriously — as soon as two things happen: First, I want to hear from the Wal-Mart-protesting riffraff a definition of “justice” that is something that does not boil down to “I Get What I Want, Irrespective of Other Concerns.”

Hope you all had a fun weekend….now back to work!

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