Combine the Stories Round 3: Global Warming and SChip

As you know people like to think that this President of ours isn’t too bright. Today in the NYTimes Thomas Friedman is left confused by Bali because he can’t figure out if Bush has some good ideas or if it’s just his minions going their own way. Activists in Bali

came loaded to carve up the Americans, who, it was just assumed, had to be stupid because they represented the Bush administration.

and then what happened?
Well those Americans knew their stuff, leaving the conference people confused.

As if reading the minds of everyone there, Malini Mehra, the chief executive of the Centre for Social Markets, an Indian activist group, took the microphone and, in so many words, asked the Bush aides: Who are you and what planet did you come from? It could not possibly be from planet Bush.
“Anyone who has been listening to the news on climate change knows that there has been one message from this administration — that any serious action on climate change threatens the U.S. economy and our way of life,” Ms. Mehra said to me later.

I’m sorry – but what’s so confusing about this? “Everyone” has said that a) we’re too late to change global warming and b) we have to make drastic changes in order to prevent global warming.

Drastic changes = A serious change in the US economy
A Serious change in the US economy = a serious change in the entire world’s economy!!

Mr. Friedman – you are an economist for crying out loud! We here in the US can’t even allow homes to foreclose naturally by people who can’t afford them without having at least the Germans scream that we’ve screwed up their economies, and now you are confused because Mr. Bush actually has that reality as part of his world paradigm?

Sheesh – I manage a small database and can figure this out.

But then again – you lefties have yet to accept the fact that Mr. Bush is an incredibly smart man who will probably be signing a bill today that is going to take the entire SCHIP (my gosh – poor sick children don’t get healthcare in this country!!!) issue off the table for the big election of 2008 along with getting him his armed forces money.

Mr. Bush has twice vetoed bills to expand the child health program. With no agreement in sight, Congressional leaders decided to continue current policy through March 2009.

Lame duck? HAH!!!
(Ooh – I should have combined this story with the chickens!)

ps for more Bali fun read the Anchoress.

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  1. Looks like the dems lost a big one there. Health care for children was the big van that was to carry them into the WH. They must have come up against some smart Republican.

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