Combine the stories-round 1: Mark Steyn and Adolf

I feel badly that I’ve been ignoring this story concerning Mark Steyn’s troubles up in Canada. (link to Wise Law Blog that has a friendly re-cap) My re-cap-Steyn has human rights complaints against him and it appears he’s in real trouble in spite of my initial scoffing at the idea.

In the battle for freedom of speech in Canada, Mark Steyn is losing. True, there’s been a flurry of discussion on the blogosphere, and a number of powerful Canadian Op-Ed pieces on the controversy. But don’t be fooled, Mark Steyn is losing.

Who’s human rights is he violating? Does he have slaves in the basement? Is he torturing a neighborhood kid? No. It’s his book “America Alone”. Apparently there were excerpts in Macclean’s magazine, someone got insulted and went to the Human Right’s Commission to complain. I’m pretty sure (and Wise Law Blog has the text) that there are free speech rights in Canada. Particularly for journalists. So WTF??

Has Canada become as bad as Germany in regards to free speech??

You see in Germany a man has been arrested and put in jail in spite of an accident that caused him to lose some of his faculties because he has displayed Nazi Symbols.

Now Roland T. is off to jail. He is reporting to a Berlin prison Wednesday to serve a five-month sentence for displaying Nazi symbols. The repeat offender, who was notorious in Berlin for openly giving Nazi salutes and wearing Hitler T-shirts, was given a series of suspended sentences but now has to do time after authorities lost patience with him. Judges had previously been lenient with the former car salesman, who was considered to have diminished culpability due to brain damage sustained in a 1995 accident.

His dog, Adolf (now Adi) has been given to a shelter and is looking for a new home. The article is about the dog.

3 thoughts on “Combine the stories-round 1: Mark Steyn and Adolf

  1. It’s not really an excuse. It’s ok.

    Because Germany took a path that led them through the “free speech” of demonization does not mean that “free speech” leads to attrocities.

    Steyn has written a book about demographics. He’s looking at numbers and warning people about what could occur.

    The way to attack that is to attack the numbers, and his conclusions, not to involve a human rights commission and not to simply stifle the speech.

  2. ps. Let me remind lawiscool that the “certain minorities” that were first eliminated were the brain damaged in Nazi Germany.
    This man mentioned above and stuck in prison is a brain damaged man.
    It’s the lack of free speech that has taken his freedom away there.

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