Columbian Border

Well, the Columbians (also known as American puppets because they are under the thumb of George W. Bush) killed a number of rebels (also known as terrorists due to their recent kidnapping ways) this weekend.

How? Well, they had a little skirmish along the border with Ecuador and apparently cross over that border at one point.

Ecuador (also known as yet another, like Venezuela, wannabe a socialist state) is po’d. However Ecuador’s President has perhaps been in cahoots with the rebels (also known as the FARC) of Columbia.

Colombia’s government said yesterday documents found in a jungle camp in Ecuador where Colombia troops killed Mr. Reyes showed ties between the FARC rebels and Mr. Correa, including contacts with his government about political proposals.

Police Cmdr. Gen. Oscar Naranjo said documents found in computers belonging to Mr. Reyes showed contacts between a top Correa government minister and the FARC commander to discuss political proposals and projects on the frontier.

“The questions raised by these documents need concrete answers,” Gen. Naranjo said. “What is the state of relations between the Ecuadorean government and a terrorist group like the FARC.”

Hugo Chavez (also known as the guy who likes to be in pictures so much that he befriends Hollywood actors and whoever the current Democrat spokesperson is [Cindy Sheehan at one time]), decided he too would be in on this “war against the American puppets” and seems to have sided, not so much with Ecuador, but with the FARC.
Take note of the “flourish” below in bold (by me).

During yesterday’s television appearance, Mr. Chavez appeared to side with FARC’s four decade effort to oust the government and establish a revolutionary state.

“Someday Colombia will be freed from the hand of the [U.S.] empire,” Mr. Chavez said. “We have to liberate Colombia.”

In another rhetorical flourish, he gave orders to Venezuela’s military as millions watched on TV.

“Mr. Defense Minister, move 10 battalions to the border with Colombia for me, immediately — tank battalions, deploy the air force,” Mr. Chavez said. “We don’t want war, but we aren’t going to permit the U.S. empire, which is the master … to come divide us.”

The US (also known as the imperialist pig dogs) is monitoring the situation.

The UN (also known as ‘those who make resolutions’) has written a resolution blaming Israel.

In other news, Mr. Chavez praised the Turks for crossing the border into Iraq to quell the Kurdish rebellion in Turkey. Doctors are currently running a ct scan on Mr. Chavez. They are looking for possible diagnoses about his lack of any sense of irony.
(ps, that’s a joke, don’t go searching for the story-though Ahmadinejad, Hugo’s good bud, definitely backed the Turks.)

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey (also known as Captain Ed) notes that a few weeks ago Chavez himself was looking for recognition of FARC.

We saw a hint of this six weeks ago. Chavez demanded that Latin American nations recognize FARC (as well as a few other terrorist groups) as “legitimate armies” despite their track record of kidnapping and drug trafficking. As the Washington Post noted, even allies of Chavez balked at that notion.

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