In Colorado today they passed a poll tax so that voters can cover the cost of elections since they’ve gotten so expensive.

Oh….wait, I mean people get to pay for a different right of theirs. The right to bear arms.
I actually was thinking of this when Ari Armstrong wrote his piece on gun registration. Instead of registering gun owners, why not create a list of people who are not allowed to own guns? I ended up not liking it because it would be used for other purposes, but still, it makes more sense than a registration, which will also be used for other purposes.

(ok, we know why they won’t do this, but seriously, doesn’t it make more sense in light of what our rights are?)

The governor has said he will sign the poll tax bi….whoops, I mean the ‘pay for your own background check that is required for you to have before you actually own a gun’ bill.

Step 1. check

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