Colorado GOP Caucus

So, I’m unsure of Republican numbers but apparently Dems turned out in such high numbers that many were turned away! And Bernie won here.

There were only 5 from my precinct that showed. 8 years ago, the last time I went there were at least 8.

It was interesting. And thoughtful enough to say “screw you” to all those people who think voters are just emotional rednecked animals. Each voter in my precinct was very thoughtful and deserves respect.

The one guy you might have thought would be the enraged Trump supporter is supporting Kasich. (due to being a governor and capable) The middle aged small business accountant is supporting Trump (due to him being a businessman and government needs to know what they are putting on the backs of small businesses). The man who recently moved here from Chicago is supporting Rubio because he’s good man. And I went with Cruz because he’s a practiced constitutionalist. I also believe that if Rubio wins, all the enthusiastic Trumpsters will call foul and there will be a 3rd party run. If Cruz wins there is at least a different “stick it to the party” guy in place. (ps – I know Rubio used to hold that position against Crist) There was one fellow who just wanted to observe. He’s never been involved before and had no idea how it all worked. Good for him. And maybe that’s what Trump’s done for all of us.

There were about 10 precincts where I met and here are the results of the straw poll not to be used in CO:
Cruz 41
Trump and Rubio 30
Carson 10
Kasich 8

I signed up to be a delegate on the 19th, but if Trump is all who’s left, they’ll probably want someone other than me.
Here’s your daily…let’s go with Trump and you’re no way on Trump column.

And this has the saddest comment ever. I give up every other day but JK? Never. Luckily it sounded like in a more recent post he may have changed his mind.

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