Colorado Delegates

For those of you complaining about not having your vote for Trump count, it did. It counted in your caucus when you sat back and did nothing when they were looking for folks to go to the county assembly. Then it counted again at the county assembly when you voted for who you wanted to send to the state convention.
Oh – wait, many people didn’t want to go to the state convention. It’s way over there in Co Springs. Oh well, we have enough volunteers, let’s go drink beer.

Now – NOW you are asking for the state to change the rules so that your guy can win. Bullpucky. You change the rules now and suddenly I am cheated. Let it go. You lost Colorado.
Your man is NOT organized. He doesn’t ‘hire the best people’, and he apparently can’t read. Nor can his supporters.
I’m talking to you Drudge.

Ari Armstrong has a very nice roundup of how things work here in Colorado. (ht ThreeSources)

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