Before I said he had class. I’m not sure what happened to him on Saturday but it really grinds me when 3 years out, everyone is happy that the Iraqi’s are going to vote and have a constitution and living in some semblance of freedom and a
brand new criticism of Bush is WMD and we shouldn’t have invaded. Please.

UPDATE: The reason this blog is as it is, with lots of links and short commentary is illustrated nicely here. While I sputter and spurt at whatever (in this case Clinton), Powerline comes along and gives it their all with actual readable sentances and quotes. What they said.

One thought on “Clinton

  1. Clinton lost credibility with me a LONG time ago while spending all his time with Hollywood in the White House instead of doing business and taking the job seriously. Don’t even care what he says, and since he is the one that let Bin Laden go, methinks he should shut his trap ASAP before embarrassing his wife any further.

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