2 thoughts on “Clarence Thomas

  1. It does indeed!! I think the sex part was just because it was sex, not so much racial though. Media seems to just love plastering shocking/overly personal info about anyone they can find. They did it to Clinton, too!

  2. Hard to say. I can see why HE would think it was racial.
    I remember when this was going on I worked with a guy who was constantly sexually harassing. Yet he was smart, and funny and a decent human being. I used to joke that he better not ever have to go through the process because I’d let people know of his proclivity to be “naughty”.
    Not sure I would – but it does make you wonder about Anita. I don’t necessarily disbelieve her but I don’t believe that her testimony should have been “testimony” vs a side note in his file to consider in the overall picture.
    Not sure if that option was an option though.

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