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Neo-Neocon is known throughout the blogosphere for gathering up stories of people who’s paradigms shifted over the years and particularly in response to 911.

Today in the Washington Post is an opinion column by Ayub Nuri a Kurd from Halabja. It’s important to read accounts of people who have lived it, who have been or are there and that’s why I try to cruise the blogosphere particularly Iraqi accounts and Milbloggers.

Mr. Nuri talks of the changes he’s seen in Iraq and concludes that he wishes George Bush hadn’t gone in.

I found the people who danced in the streets of Kirkuk disappointed and skeptical about the future of their city. Near Hussein’s hometown, angry people had kept their vows and become insurgents. In Baghdad, the streets were as lifeless as they were those first days. In Hilla, the smiles disappeared as car bombs created new mass graves.

The war has united Iraqis in their disappointment. I ask myself if our expectations were too high. It is hard to answer. But I look back and realize that the fears that I had four years ago were misplaced: If Bush had changed his mind about the war, things might be better now.

A year ago Mr. Nuri talked of the changes he’d seen in Iraq and concluded that he wished the new government would quit their infighting and fix things.

now just want one thing: for Iraqi leaders to end the political rivalries that have made them forget the Iraqi people who voted for them. I want them to end their hypocrisy – kissing one another on TV while unleashing their militias to kill each other on the streets.

And I want to see my beautiful, historic capital revived, and people in Baghdad to breathe easily again.

What changed? Well a year ago, Mr. Nuri’s profile read that he was an “Iraqi free-lance journalist”. Today’s story has him as a “Student of the Columbia School of Journalism”. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Re-read the the heading of my last post.

(ps – I mean no dis-respect to Mr. Nuri. I don’t know him at all – I just found this amusing, along with all the other blame George Bush stuff. Both of these articles make it sound like the first 2 years when there was hope were very good. Hope is awesome. Now folks are tired. It’s in evidence here also. Now is when changes come achingly slowly. And now is when you have to work through it – in my humble opinion – to get to the other side. Hope helps that work and when it’s gone, the fatigue sets in. Those first 2 years were protested loudly here on this side of the ocean. I’ve always suspected that if all of America were working in agreement, this whole thing could have been done a while ago. But we don’t, so it isn’t and it’s incredibly sad for Iraq.)

2 thoughts on “Changes of View

  1. I had a few troubles myself last week and am sure George Bush is to blame for all of them.
    aggh. Amazing how consistent the journalistic tendencies are. All the news I saw (and promptly turned OFF) this morning was doing 4 yr evaluations, all saying how we have failed. Gosh, are they still free? Have we had any other attacks? If we aren’t dead, wearing turbans or kidnapped by Iran’s Kidnapper in Chief, we aren’t doing so badly, certainly not LOSING. Just makes the journalists LOSERs in my eyes.

  2. Don’t forget, not only is everything his fault, but he lied about it, too. If you don’t believe that, you’re a wingnut. And don’t ask for the proof, you’ll just be directed to the HuffPost or s FireDogLake article…

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