Dang – Trump has it figured out

Trump has finally figured out that he’ll be the best thing since sliced bread if only he works with Democrats!!
Protests will die down, he’ll get tons of recognition and pats on the back. Maybe it’s the Dems that figured it out. “if we stroke his ego, we can get what we want, because basically he’s a Democrat”.

National Review’s Geraghty is acting like those of us who voted for the man didn’t already know this. “I told you so” he basically says.

Yeah yeah yeah, we knew. The primary voters knew. They are basically Democrats too. You don’t get guaranteed issue, no changes to Medicare and unimpeded government without being a Dem. Yes Jim, there are those idiots like Coulter, but most of us knew. I’m still glad Hillary isn’t the president.
I don’t really care about DACA and the debt ceiling was going to be raised no matter what. So far, so fine.
I still wish President Trump well and don’t believe for a second he has any principles to follow or to deny. He wants to do a good job and people can convince him of what that means very easily.

Work harder to be convincing, Republicans. And also work on teaching the man about not “giving in to terrorists”. He needs help with all that.

911-random thoughts

It’s been so long ago now. 16 years. Kids these days don’t remember that gut punch that morning, though their lives have changed because of it.
Other than those people directly affected, other families joined the military, privacy laws were laid to rest, political correctness came into full bloom since that day 16 years ago. I went conservative along with many many others.
This is my sister’s birthday too. It’s not a good one. It’s worse than having a Christmas birthday.

We always says “Never Forget” and I don’t think we will. We won’t forget that there is a variety of Islam that believes those who don’t believe should just be dead.
There is a variety of the left wing who also believes this but with less violence. They fight against all those things that have brought civilization to where it is today. Where we have fewer people in poverty (and poverty has been redefined upwards), fewer people hungry, more opportunities for so many more yet without the understanding of why. People wish for a simpler time with fewer people and less complex systems of stuff (agriculture, corporatism, information surplus)
It feels like in many ways these folks are sympathetic to the attackers of 911 and I don’t like thinking that way.

I haven’t been blogging for a while because of those feelings. They just make me cranky. Somehow Breitbart usually managed to stay in good spirits when engaged in the fight. Somehow soldiers in Afghanistan manage to remain examples of excellence. 911 happened 16 years ago and Islamists are still trying to kill the infidel and we continue to try to walk that walk between being a superpower, yet not actually sharing the force of that power to be done with the battles. We wonder why our boot camps are 4 months, yet 16 years in Afghans still can’t control their own country without outside help. I wonder how the left can be so open to changing this country so completely.
With that – let’s see if I can’t get this blog going again. I used to enjoy the heck out of it!
Up with the flag!

Read David Harsanyi for another sad bit of commentary on 911.

Those Russians

So far every news story I have read about the Russians influencing our election in order to make certain Trump was the winner has this for the reason:

Both RNC and DNC were hacked. Only DNC emails were leaked.

There is so much to say about all of this and Diplomad says it best so I won’t bother, but I will note that no article even suggests that maybe, as a wikileaker you would find no fun at all in sending out RNC emails, since the RNC followed the rules.

Like the DNC who favored Clinton, the RNC favored Bush, but which of these parties actually cheated in order to elect their favorite candidate. Oh, yeah. DNC.

All the news stories are changing these days. You’ve seen it. You will be seeing it for the next 4 years. It’s awesome to know that Americans understand the media is tilted. We get that. I just wish the media

Day 2 of the New Regime

Well lets see – we had day 1 of shock and awe.

Now day 2 where you have a transition team with this rule in place being tossed around:

Mr. Trump’s transition team has been gathering for months, and they packed into an office on Wednesday a block away from the White House to continue drafting blueprints for the new administration. Among the proposals: a policy that would ban many members of the transition team from lobbying the same federal agencies they are helping shape.

The proposed ban, which may last as long as Mr. Trump is in office, would underscore the “change” theme that powered the Republican nominee’s surprising victory on Tuesday, according to people familiar with the planning.

Along with women and minorities being discussed concerning positions in the administration.

On the other side of the world you have riots in the streets from people who were shocked, shocked I tell you when Trump suggested he might await any legal concerns if he didn’t win the election.

I find myself in the distasteful place of defending a vote for Trump