Say it ain’t so Mike

Mike Dunafon, the “tea party” independent candidate for governor of Colorado is currently deciding on whether to use a Kelos inspired eminent domain suit in Glendale.

After more than three hours of testimony, the city council voted unanimously to pass a resolution giving the city’s urban renewal authority the power to use eminent domain at a 42-acre site slated for a $175 million dining and entertainment complex on the banks of Cherry Creek, but not before requiring the city to negotiate and engage in mediation with private property owners.

“Tea Party” is an overused term that is often claimed by those who have no freaking clue what it means.
Thanks Mike for being yet another abuser of that term and the term “conservative”.

Just so you know what’s out there.

Tanya Cohen must be one of those “jaywalkers” caught by Jay Leno because she’s an idiot.

For many decades, human rights groups around the world – from Amnesty International to Human Rights First to the United Nations Human Rights Council – have told the United States that it needs to pass and enforce strong legal protections against hate speech in accordance with its international human rights obligations. As of 2015, the US is the only country in the world where hate speech remains completely legal. This is, in fact, a flagrant violation of international human rights law. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) both mandate that all countries outlaw hate speech, including “propaganda for war” and the dissemination of any “ideas based on racial superiority or hatred”. The ICCPR and ICERD are both legally-binding international human rights conventions, and all nations are required to uphold them in the fullest. By failing to prosecute hate speech, the US is explicitly and flippantly violating international human rights law. No other country would be allowed to get away with this, so why would the US? The United Nations has stated many times that international law has absolute authority. This is quite simply not optional. The US is required to outlaw hate speech. No other country would be able to get away with blatantly ignoring international human rights standards, so why should the US be able to? The US is every bit as required to follow international human rights law as the rest of the world is.

I have always been a major champion of the unalienable right to freedom of speech.

Best Blog Rant

Just a couple of tasty morsels below, but yes, I am madly in love with Ace of Spades.

The simple:

Bill Quick is fightin’ angry about thoughts that I don’t have.

He quotes me:

The New Intolerance: We Are Now Required To Embrace Just About Everything, Except the Gutter Religion Christianity
Incidentally– Are there any beliefs on the left which have not been sacralized?

That is, do they have any beliefs which are open to question without inviting their typical full-spectrum punishment regime, from group coordinated stigmatization to pursuit in the courts?

Then he asks, rhetorically, because people with few answers like to believe they know all the answers:

So, Ace: You okay with Muslim owned businesses refusing to serve women not “properly” covered — ie., bagged in a burkha, because Religious Liberty?

The business aspect

This is an easy one. What the fuck do I care? A shop owner has the right to set a dress code. Especially if this were a store geared towards Islamic identity — an Islamic bookstore, say, or a restaurant — this one isn’t even a question.

But even absent that– what should I care what the dress code is here, or whom he wants his clientele to be? He doesn’t want to serve me, and get this — I don’t wish to be served by him.

How about the Muslim cab driver refusing to transport passenger with dogs or alcohol, because Religious Liberty?
This is trickier because in the case of the store, I have to seek that out. I have to go to the nuisance, as it were. In the case of a cab, I could call for a cab, wait 25 minutes for it, and then, only upon his arrival, be told “Well I’m not going to take you because of these crazy restrictions I never warned you about when you hailed me.”

In other words: In the case of the cab, the nuisance comes to me, and that’s more of a problem.

The Principle

Leftwingers do this all the time — they employ the rhetorical gambit, “How silly it is for you to ever care about this trivium!”

So you say: Well, Old Man, if it’s trivial, surely you wouldn’t mind conceding the trivial point to me, eh?

At which point they say: “Are you mad? This is an important matter of principle!!!”

Just like this dummy did right here. Right after he chided me about this not being so important, he informed me that it was terribly important to about a dozen gay couples.

Well, it’s probably also important to a dozen Christians in the baking business.


Michael Tanner put in writing what I’ve been thinking.My friends are po’d at Boehner and McConnell. Cussing this, kicking that, but here’s the deal someone needs to look at the long game. Republicans will always lose these short games of chicken. Always. The press is not on their side and those are the people with the narrative.

Washington is sooooooooo complex it gives the press full leeway to explain things as simply as possible.
“OMG – DHS is going to be unfunded because Republicans don’t want to fund Obama’s latest immigration plan!!!!”

But two things….
1) from Michael Tanner – we should be defunding DHS and getting rid of the whole thing. How best to do that? I don’t have a clue, but theoretically those in charge could if they considered it.
2) How on earth can there be in this budget a big piece to be unfunded to NOT deport illegals immigrants? That doesn’t make even a little sense, yet that’s how it’s presented. I suspect if the presentation was more about creating a new bureaucracy to fund new green cards and pass out refunds and past due relief checks the argument has a chance.
If you can’t do that, you cannot win, so let it go.

Instead, start trying to change the narrative. Not about cutting taxes for the rich but reducing the size of government.

The World is Changing

I don’t mean the climate.
I do mean the world.

The US has stepped out of the leadership position. Others no longer await our word before acting. And now, after a direct refusal to help against the murderers of 21 Christians for being Christians the rest of the world will begin to create their own methods to find out the information they need to do this acting.
(recap, Egypt requested help in targeting ISIS. The US refused.)

We are out of the picture. We have at the very least 2 more years in this spot. 2 years where Egypt, Israel, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, etc, etc, etc all will need to increase their military sizes and their information gathering abilities. At the end of that time we will live in a world of mutually assured destruction once again.

I believe in the future of mankind, but these moments are telling and right now it’s telling all other countries that the US is no longer a leader of the free world and that if they intend to protect themselves they will need to do so for themselves. We are not to be counted on.
Kudos to Jordan. May they continue toward the path of freedom.
Kudos to Egypt. I would not have thought that protecting/avenging her Christians was a step she would take. Yet they did.
Kudos to the Kurds who won back Kobani (with air support).
And frankly lets give credit where credit is due. Iraqi militias need help from somewhere and if Iran will give it, then kudos to them for taking a step in the direction that may lead to the defeat of ISIS who needs to be ended once and for all.

Obama believes that climate change is the biggest threat to the world. He doesn’t treat ISIS as a threat and in some ways he’s correct. We CAN wipe them off the map. But we won’t. And so the threat remains. Directly to Longmont? Probably not. But to the entire wobble of the planet. Everything is changing now and we need to get used to it.


From Jonah Goldberg of the National Review….I would say “read the whole thing” because his writing is enjoyable, but what Obama said yesterday was so stupid and insulting I see no reason to bother getting worked up by reading further about why it was so stupid and insulting. But, again – read it because he’s a great writer and deserves all the support he can get.

We are all descended from cavemen who broke the skulls of their enemies with rocks for fun or profit. But that hardly mitigates the crimes of a man who does the same thing today. I see no problem judging the behavior of the Islamic State and its apologists from the vantage point of the West’s high horse, because we’ve earned the right to sit in that saddle.

From the Man who Invented Reavers – President Warren

Bold is mine

Susan Sarandon, Olivia Wilde and Edward Norton are among the more than 90 entertainers urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to throw her hat in the 2016 presidential race.

The group — which also includes Mark Ruffalo, Natasha Lyonne, Julia Stiles, and “The Avengers” director Joss Whedon — penned an open letter this week to the Massachusetts Democrat, pushing her to make a White House bid.

ht Ace

The Vaccine Debate

I’m with these folks….

Christie and Paul didn’t say anything a good conservative would say.
Government needs to stay out of it. Let private enterprise deal with it. For a “government” piece, (since public school is going to happen) just don’t allow unvaccinated kids into school without a doctor’s permission slip.

Next problem….dealing with doctors who hand out permission slips along with their prescriptions for dope.


Update: NCUA spokesman John Fairbanks denied that Operation Choke Point factored into the decision to close Shuetz’s bank account.

“NCUA cannot comment on specifics of any matter involving credit union supervision,” Fairbanks said. “NCUA does not have a policy specific to any business, nor do we instruct a credit union about what individuals or businesses it can serve. The decision to open, close or decline an individual or business account generally lies with the credit union. As the provider of insurance coverage for the accounts of nearly 100 million members in 6,500 credit unions, NCUA requires all those credit unions to evaluate risks posed by accounts and maintain the necessary capacity to effectively manage those risks.”

This is from a story about a bank “forced” to quit working with a gun store by the NCUA. No the NCUA did NOT force the bank to quit dealing with the gun store. Instead, a dozen – a dozen – men from the federal government came into the bank and started getting into their books.

“So they came in, looked at our books, looked at everything and said “here are some accounts that we feel that we’re going to regulate you on,’” the manager explained, adding “so they kind of put the screws to us as far as what we could and couldn’t do.”

What would you? Are you being forced? Is there a gun to your head? That quote from the NCUA is bullpucky.
Why do people choose to hang out on porches vs starting a business they are interested in? It doesn’t matter what business you start, by starting one you will be doing something illegal, or something that could cause a dozen feds to scrutinize you. Seriously. You’re 19, you have no outside resources, you want to start a basketball camp for the kids in the hood. No can do. Who knows how many forms you will miss filing or due dates you’ll be late on. Far better just to play basketball then to try and make money at it.

Got lost in a tangent there….this is about a Federal Government Operation. Operation Chokepoint to close down gun shops. Gun shops are a business, they are bound to a billion regulations as are their banks and their insurers etc. If the Federal Government wants you to close. You will.

ht Insty

The Big Reveal

Diplomad on the “march”

I am sick of hearing about the Paris “Peace” march or “Unity” rally or whatever the lame MSM deems to call it at any particular time. It was not an act of bravery, a show of lack of fear, of standing up to terrorism.

Nope. Not at all. No, sir.

It was a very typical, in fact, an extremely typical leftist/progressive/narcissist manifestation akin to so many others we have seen over the years. It was replete with the usual trademarks of progressivism: prancing and preening; empty slogans and rhetoric; and equally empty gestures and cartoonish props, e.g., giant pencils, rakishly worn bandanas, silly make-up, etc. It was a manifestation on steroids by people who would put lame bumper stickers such as the one below on a PRIUS. [picture the standard coexist sticker]

It was also a show by spoiled brats who forget that they have the freedoms they have thanks to 18- and 19-year-old kids willing to pick up a gun and go to war in far off lands against the monsters threatening our homes and families. Continental Europe, especially, has been living in a bubble of safety and security provided by British and American young men. When that bubble gets pierced, the spirit of Petain returns.

He goes on, so don’t miss it.

A Charlie Hebdo cartoonist agrees.
while in Turkey….Turkey?…seriously?
the latest cartoons were included in an article at the Turkish Daily.


My tiny little itty bitty protest and empty gesture in an attempt to prove I’m not lame. LOL
I am of course as lame as anyone, but I do appreciate those out there picking up guns to deal with this. Including those in Nigeria who desperately need our help. France has the means and can deal themselves. Can we work on Boko Haram at all? Or are we done? At this point Diplomad is right, we have no president so I suspect we’re done for now. May God keep this country upright until we can correct ourselves. See next post.