Can I Get an Amen?

As the media has co-opted the term Tea Party to mean very bad things, I continue to defend it.

Am very happy to see this post and this book that Glen Reynolds posted today.
Along with the quote from Reihan Salam:

“The Tea Party is not some temporary aberration that will seamlessly blend into the conservative establishment in a few years. It is a real movement and, as America grows more diverse and American politics grows more contentious, it will grow.”

Elections are coming up. Time to start activating again.

Our Esteemed Colorado Senator

Basically thinks he should control everything.

I kid you not. These are the words of an amendment (yes, an amendment to the constitution) he wanted to pass.

To advance the fundamental principle of political equality for all, and to protect the integrity of the legislative and electoral processes, Congress shall have power to regulate the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents with respect to federal elections, including through setting limits on –

(1) the amount of contributions to candidates for nomination for election to, or for election to, federal office; and

(2) the amount of funds that may be spent by, in support of, or in opposition to such candidates.

since re-written since that is so over the top.

ht Instapundit who would note…..”we are in the best of hands”

“The Collapsing Obama Doctrine”

By Dick and Liz Cheney.

n one Arab capital, a senior official pulled out a map of Syria and Iraq. Drawing an arc with his finger from Raqqa province in northern Syria to Anbar province in western Iraq, he said, “They will control this territory. Al Qaeda is building safe havens and training camps here. Don’t the Americans care?”

Our president doesn’t seem to. Iraq is at risk of falling to a radical Islamic terror group and Mr. Obama is talking climate change. Terrorists take control of more territory and resources than ever before in history, and he goes golfing. He seems blithely unaware, or indifferent to the fact, that a resurgent al Qaeda presents a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

This was a good article, but rather than place full blame with Obama, I place it with the American people who tire quickly of the latest thing.
This country turned on Bush like he was the devil incarnate for the decisions he made because war was hard.
And now, it’s Obama’s turn. He is quickly turning to hash while doing exactly what “the people” requested of him.

The people chose not to vet him. They chose not to question him. They chose to believe his every word until (maybe) now. And so we have a president who cares more about something, (I don’t know what), than he does about this country. We are treated like mushrooms kept in the dark and then asked to trust the government because we let it be so. Bush was not immune and Obama took it three levels up. Hillary will be worse.

The blame belongs to all of those who not only voted for the man based on nothing, but also to all of those who voted a second time for him based on his horrible first term. If the lying, hiding, word playing, dismissive Hillary Clinton wins the next election the blame will fall on all who voted for her because a) she’s a woman and b) she seems strong.

Politics is a pain in the patooty to try to follow. Real information is tragically hard to come by. People’s “guts” told them to vote for Obama so you can’t trust that even. Good luck out there but we have the government we deserve.


from Peggy Noonan at the WSJ via Jim Geraghty of NR’s Jolt (sign up here!).
The quote is regarding Pope John Paul II, but the column is in regards to Obama. I like this quote.

In the days before and after the canonization, I couldn’t help reflect on what a leader is, and how it is that great leaders engender gratitude, loyalty and love.

You have to stand for something. You have to suffer for it. (John Paul was shot and almost killed, and he spent the last third of his pontificate in constant physical distress. He kept showing up anyway.) You have to be brave. (He wasn’t afraid of any earthly power, not even the Soviet Union.) You have to stand by your beliefs as long as you know they are right; you have to speak and write the truth. Explaining what you believe involves trusting people to hear and consider; it assumes they will respond fairly and even with their highest selves. In this way you develop a relationship with people, an ongoing conversation between your articulations and their private thoughts. You are talking to them. When eventually they respond, they are talking to you.


Via Instapundit

OBAMA’S LATEST #WARONWOMEN FRONT: Dry Cleaning Bills. While Obama focuses on these important issues, the weakling Putin is consigned to devouring Ukraine.

Click through to the article and you’ll find Obama upset that women have to pay more to have their shirts dry cleaned than men. Due to the variety of women’s shirts. doh

OR as a pricing manager myself it perhaps has to do with the “value” of the service provided for women. Can Obama define what that is?
I think not.

It’s Monday

Do you know what anarchist means? I don’t think it means you get free stuff.

From those bitching about the changes in San Francisco due to the tech industry moving in with their high paying jobs [bold is mine because what the #$!]:

We demand that Google give three billion dollars to an anarchist organization of our choosing,” the post said. “This money will then be used to create autonomous, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist communities throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. In these communities, whether in San Francisco or in the woods, no one will ever have to pay rent and housing will be free.”

ht Insty

Random Observations

UPDATE: I am reposting this was because of number 4 down below wherein the media works to make anyone who would believe in any sort of medical conspiracy as a loon.
Here is some more evidence that you are NOT a loon.

1) Obviously, I’ve lost some blog mojo recently. It may come back as we get closer to an election. We shall see.

2) I like these “hipster” GOP ads. They/we need something to offset the “party of mean” attitude out there. If this helps, so be it. ps, sorry fellas, I like em burly, but burly looking guys can look also look mean.

3) Berkeley/Boulder – this happened in Berkeley when I was living in Oakland. They passed laws criminalizing a lot of things only done by the homeless. Boulder is going so far as to jail people for such transgressions as walking on the grass when a sign says, no walking on the grass. But don’t worry:

Carr said the majority of defendants still won’t be sentenced to jail, and the municipal court judges work hard to help offenders get social services when appropriate. However, the city needs more tools to deal with repeat offenders.

Progressive policy invites them in, progressive policy works to control them.

4) “Medical Conspiracies Believed by Many” is a headline today hoping to make us all feel like idiots. Funny how those “reporting” on this story have not bothered to mention things like this or this or this.
Are we really better human beings now than we were then? Our government fully supports Planned Parenthood who started with eugenic roots.

5) Latest feminist insult – connecting a suicidal, yet apparently very successful designer, with her worldwide famous boyfriend in a news story about her actual suicide. Here’s the new rule according to the ladies:

Dame magazine’s Margaret Wappler suggests a simple test for obituary writers to keep in mind when doing their work:

If you wouldn’t write the headline the other way around (“L’Wren Scott’s boyfriend Mick Jagger found dead,” which is preposterous just to type), don’t think you’re justified in writing it that way for the female half.

I would suggest if you would write a headline such as “Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend found dead” vs “Caspar Smart, professional actor found dead” then you’re probably safe, womenkind be damned. (yes, I had to look him up, just like I would have no idea who that model was)