Awan, the DNC and Hezbollah

Why on earth is this story not front page news???

I’m sure by now we’ve all read the 3 part story from Politico about Hezbollah and Obama and Iran. If not, go do so.

Today I’m reading a bit more about Abid Awan’s car dealership (s) situation.  But it’s 1 story out of the dailycaller.  If you google to get a secondary source all the information is from July or earlier.  Can we still say “If this were a story reflecting badly on Republicans……”?


Why must these games be played?
Especially if “what difference does it make“?

Karl points out that Carney has repeatedly insisted from the White House spokesman podium that these claims came from the CIA, not the White House.

The White House’s claim has been (for eighteen long months of lies) that whatever misrepresentations entered the talking points, and whatever truths departed from them (such as evidence that this was an Al Qaeda attack, that there had been previous attacks, that there had been previous warnings, etc.), it had nothing to do with the White House, as other people, not anyone in the White House, constructed the talking points.

Now comes this email from Ben Rhodes telling Ambassador Rice to go out there and sell the Internet Video cover story and so what does Jay Carney do?

He claims the talking points weren’t about Benghazi.

Exit Quote: “If you look at the document in question, it is not about Benghazi.”

Second Exit Quote: “The currently available information suggests that the demonstrations in Benghazi were spontaneously inspired by the protests at the US Embassy in Cairo and evolved into a direct assault against the US consulate and subsequently its annex.”

Third Exit Quote: After a year and a half of vigorously insisting the White House had no input into these Talking Points — that all information came from the CIA and FBI — Carney now says “obviously” the White House had input into the Talking Points.

Don’t these people have mirrors?

The Individual Mandate Still Required, I mean, not yet Required

March 4,

The White House said Tuesday that President Obama would veto a House GOP bill to delay a contentious part of Obamacare for one year.

The House is set to vote this week on the Simple Fairness Act, which let Americans go without health insurance in 2014 without facing the tax penalty prescribed by the Affordable Care Act.

March 5,

ObamaCare’s implementers continue to roam the battlefield and shoot their own wounded, and the latest casualty is the core of the Affordable Care Act—the individual mandate. To wit, last week the Administration quietly excused millions of people from the requirement to purchase health insurance or else pay a tax penalty.

Low information voters are where it’s at people. He has 0 respect for you, for the office, for the rule of law, for the constitution, for your ability to figure anything out.


So the president also lied about his mother – big news.

Well, not really as we expect this president to lie all the time. And why does he get away with it? Because the right allowed the left to accuse Bush of lying about Iraq. It became “known” that Bush lied, people died. Government lying is normal, right? Because of that normalcy, we don’t address it nearly enough and certainly not strongly enough.

The Dunham tale was meant to personify the hundreds of thousands — or millions — of Americans who were “dumped” by insurance companies when they became sick. This is an invented tale, and might have been rebutted by the insurance industry if they hadn’t gotten into bed with Obama in 2010 in return for millions of coerced new customers. As the Washington Free Beacon reported, academic studies have estimated that policies were dropped in only four-tenths of one percent of cases in the individual market.

In a 2010 radio address, Obama said one carrier was “systematically dropping the coverage of women diagnosed with breast cancer.” The CEO of WellPoint, which had reason to believe the president was referring to her company, responded that they had provided coverage in the previous year to 200,000 breast cancer patients and had canceled just four policies for fraud or misrepresentation.

If there had been a true epidemic of wrongly canceled policies, wouldn’t there have been a slew of lawsuits and an outcry?

Instead of that slew of lawsuits and an outcry, we just got the outcry. And because Republicans are unwilling to face an ugly mob, they didn’t address the bald faced lies.
Bush “lied”!!! “Oh, ok, well, we’d better get out of there, the American people are angry”
Obama “lied”. “Oh, well, that’s ok because his mother is just a montage of all those people dumped”
Obama “lied”. “What difference at this point does it make?” And we walk away.

It makes all the difference in the world.

Even now, Obama is claiming that September 30th, no one had told him the website wasn’t ready. Bullshit. Clay Shirky (ht Jim Geraghty’s morning jolt) (well worth a full read) thinks it could be true due to his experience in big companies. What scared employee would want their boss to go out and claim this claptrap about the website when it’s known. Obama didn’t listen. Obama shut people up. But he knew. He figured the press would cover for him again. And again, we are letting him bullshit his way around it.

Oh look, a squirrel, I mean Iran.

Obamacare and Hondurus

This post by NeoNeocon is brilliant. Why? Because, agreeing with me, she connect the two subjects of Obamacare and Hondurus.

A lot of people in this country gave Obama the benefit of the doubt, over and over and over. Hondurus did it for me and that was in July of 2009. (I take that back…..that’s when I decided he was no constitutionalist. His bailouts turned me into a TeaPartier earlier that spring) [ps – I have a category for Hondurus if you care to review all the posts on the subject]

Anyway NeoNeocon notes something similar. Starting off over her concern that the debacle of Obamacare will not really cause people to kill liberalism.

Am I being too pessimistic here, or am I just being a realist about people? I honestly don’t know, but I do know we need to remain alert, press any advantages with vigor and intelligence, and not relax and think the fight is anywhere near over. But at least Obamacare has gotten the attention of more people than have the previous acts/omissions of this administration that should have gotten a lot more people incensed but did not.

You know what these acts/omissions are; I probably don’t have to list them. But one of the very first—one that most people don’t even remember—was Honduras, a crisis that occurred in June of 2009, only a few months after Obama took office. I wrote many many posts about Honduras at the time, because it seemed an extremely important indicator of where Obama stood on the issue of tyranny and power-grabs by an executive—and let’s just say it wasn’t on the right (correct) side.

And yet the MSM covered for him and twisted what was happening into something that sounded almost like the opposite, which was an even more alarming indicator of where they stood. From that point on, there wasn’t much question that Obama was intent on the tyranny path himself, and that the media would for the most part give him a free pass, a scout, and several guides along the way.

I was not reading NeoNeocon regularly at the time so I didn’t realize she had so many posts. She copies her first one at the link.

Oprah and Obama

So Oprah believes that Obama (and herself) is treated with contempt because he (and she) are black.

I’m curious what is their excuse for treating me with contempt? i.e. She thinks I’m a racist and he thinks I don’t believe in the rule of law and so would be perfectly happy keeping my own insurance even though the law hasn’t changed simply because he says he won’t prosecute!

I follow the laws I know about. I’m one of them “good citizens” you hear of. So Oprah – why do you and Obama treat me with such contempt? Is it because I’m white? Or “right”? Or middle American? or what?

UPDATE: Insty notes the blurring of lines between “black” and “effed up”

The Media

Ok, this is the British Media, but they are getting a clue.

Regarding the new news that Obama doesn’t know a thing about anything we get these quotes or statements:

Gen Keith Alexander never discussed alleged operations involving Chancellor Angela Merkel, an NSA spokeswoman said.

“[General] Alexander did not discuss with President Obama in 2010 an alleged foreign intelligence operation involving German Chancellor Merkel, nor has he ever discussed alleged operations involving Chancellor Merkel,” NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines said.

So you think they are falling for it hook, line and sinker, but then you get this:

The statement does not make it clear whether the president was informed of the bugging operation by other means.

Is the gig really up?

Links today

1) Just because you have secret leaked documents that when published will screw up yet another relationship with an ally in the east, should you publish it?

………..according to top-secret CIA documents and Pakistani diplomatic memos obtained by The Washington Post.

2) Reason number 867,345 why we’re heading downhill. I suspect these numbers, where in people want the government to come in and fix a complaint they have with a company no one really needs to do business with, yet they continue to even though prices go up year after year after year, are an indicator of where “business” stands. (from the Denver post today)Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 6.26.49 AM

3) Speaking of Colorado……apparently a good Democrat seems to think that ski resort areas should get an exemption from the individual mandate because plans are “too expensive” there. You can’t make this stuff up.

4) David Harsanyi, rooting for an Obamacare failure, because, he’s a good American.

My hope is that Obamacare– not to mention, numerous other initiatives supported by the president — fails for a whole host of reasons. And not only do I have my fingers crossed that Obamacare fails in the way that most policy fails us, but I hope it fails so hard that any residual perception among voters that any part of it was prudent policy is completely eliminated. Anything less may mean that a substantial enough block of Americans will continue to operate under the false impression that top-down technocratic control of their decisions is a good idea. And that, would be a genuine failure.

5) The credibility factor. It can disappear no matter who you are and what title you have. With the Saudis:

The Saudi king, who supported Syria’s anti-Assad rebels early, before Islamic jihadists polluted the coalition, watched Mr. Obama’s red line over Assad’s use of chemical weapons disappear into an about-face deal with Vladimir Putin. The next time King Abdullah looked up, Mr. Obama was hanging the Saudis out to dry yet again by phoning up Iran’s President Hasan Rouhani, Assad’s primary banker and armorer, to chase a deal on nuclear weapons. Within days, Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar, let it be known that the Saudis intend to distance themselves from the U.S.

And with Americans:

Then there is Mr. Obama’s bond with the American people, which is diminishing with the failed rollout of the Affordable Care Act. ObamaCare is the central processing unit of the Obama presidency’s belief system. Now the believers are wondering why the administration suppressed knowledge of the huge program’s problems when hundreds of tech workers for the project had to know this mess would happen Oct. 1.

Rather than level with the public, the government’s most senior health-care official, Kathleen Sebelius, spent days spewing ludicrous and incredible happy talk about the failure, while refusing to provide basic information about its cause.

6) Speaking of credibility, Mary Katherine Ham posts many of those “feel good” messages that we’ve been sent.

7) Fred Upton on Obamacare:

“We tried to flag this problem early on,” says Representative Fred Upton, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over health care.

“We tried to ask the tough questions — were they going to be ready or not? Their answer was: ‘Oh, absolutely! We can hardly wait.’ And now, as a consequence, millions of people have been told: ‘Your policy is over. Good luck.’”

Upton says the consequences are going to provoke anger among millions of Americans who are beginning to learn what Obamacare means for them. As that puts the heat on congressional Democrats, it will be interesting to see if Republicans in the House will continue to defend their constitutional prerogatives — so far usurped routinely by Obama.

8) One more from National Review’s Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt. He’s a supersmart guy, so why is he asking this question (in bold)?

Is it possible that most Congressional Democrats don’t know about the death spiral? Or that they don’t really understand the death spiral? Or that they somehow don’t believe in it? Are they convinced you can add a lot of sick, elderly people requiring expensive care to existing insurance plans, and the insurance companies won’t suddenly need a lot more money? The insurance companies will raise premiums on their healthy customers, who will in some cases drop coverage, which will exacerbate the financial pressure . . . and the cycle continues until way too few healthy people are paying for the care of way too many sick people, and the insurance company goes under.

Is it that most Democrats just think health-insurance companies have access to Uncle Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin and can always find more money from somewhere when they need it?

Yes. They ALWAYS think that. And we ALWAYS pay up. Whether in real money or “owed” money, we pay.
Here’s the scenario as we go into the “death spiral”.
Who’s fault will it be? BIG business. Why? Because they need profffffiittttt. Evil profit. AND they pay their executive big bucks. Who hates insurance companies? We all do. Louder please. When these companies start raising their prices it will be because of their greed, and NOT because of Democrat idiocy. Just you wait. Mark my words. (I think I’ll a start a new category so I can find these in the future.) Insurance companies will be further demonized, the government (I’m assuming a Hillary win here) will move directly into universal care. Just hope you don’t get on the list for $100. (ht Maggie’s farm)