Obamacare and Hondurus

This post by NeoNeocon is brilliant. Why? Because, agreeing with me, she connect the two subjects of Obamacare and Hondurus.

A lot of people in this country gave Obama the benefit of the doubt, over and over and over. Hondurus did it for me and that was in July of 2009. (I take that back…..that’s when I decided he was no constitutionalist. His bailouts turned me into a TeaPartier earlier that spring) [ps – I have a category for Hondurus if you care to review all the posts on the subject]

Anyway NeoNeocon notes something similar. Starting off over her concern that the debacle of Obamacare will not really cause people to kill liberalism.

Am I being too pessimistic here, or am I just being a realist about people? I honestly don’t know, but I do know we need to remain alert, press any advantages with vigor and intelligence, and not relax and think the fight is anywhere near over. But at least Obamacare has gotten the attention of more people than have the previous acts/omissions of this administration that should have gotten a lot more people incensed but did not.

You know what these acts/omissions are; I probably don’t have to list them. But one of the very first—one that most people don’t even remember—was Honduras, a crisis that occurred in June of 2009, only a few months after Obama took office. I wrote many many posts about Honduras at the time, because it seemed an extremely important indicator of where Obama stood on the issue of tyranny and power-grabs by an executive—and let’s just say it wasn’t on the right (correct) side.

And yet the MSM covered for him and twisted what was happening into something that sounded almost like the opposite, which was an even more alarming indicator of where they stood. From that point on, there wasn’t much question that Obama was intent on the tyranny path himself, and that the media would for the most part give him a free pass, a scout, and several guides along the way.

I was not reading NeoNeocon regularly at the time so I didn’t realize she had so many posts. She copies her first one at the link.

Fast & Furious and now for more fun: Castaway

This story gets worse and worse. Thank you to SooperMexican for ferreting this interview out. I always hate to take the word of a snitch, but the whole interview is worth reading/hearing, then make your decision. With all the other information coming out of Fast and Furious I am inclined to believe this man.

One of the more shocking allegations is that Fast and Furious was not the only gun-running program run by the ATF, but that “Castaway” sent unregistered guns into Honduras as well. The claim had been made before, and ridiculed by the Left, but Univision asserts that they have admissions from Hugh Crumpler who was caught in the operation smuggling guns, and became an informant in a plea deal:

Before reading this next quote (and I have bolded the most important part) please remember that Hondurus is the “murder capital of the world”.


[stammers] The ATF was worried about the final destination of the guns, but not the way you would think they should be worried. I was cooperating with the ATF and they brought me a picture of an individual from the Alvina Way, Orlando residence and asked me to identify that individual. Which I did. They told me he was taking guns to an international shipping facility, which the guns were then placed in an overseas shipping container that was in Orlando.


And they had photographed this individual delivering the guns as part of their investigation of-of these other people and part of my cooperation. Then the following day, uh, I was in a meeting again cooperating and the agents were told that ICE, uh, intercepted this shipment at a seaport, which I believe was Miami. And the agents were upset that ICE had intercepted the guns before they got to Honduras. So yes, they were concerned about their guns they were going, but they wanted them to go there. Not that they didn’t want them to go there. But they wanted them to go there.

This story is so unbelievable that people can’t even follow it and they must. Yes, during the time when we were dissing the rule of law in Hondurus [gosh that seems like forever ago] and backing a wannabe leftist dictator over the country’s Supreme Court, we were also delivering weapons into the hands of those working to unseat any government in Hondurus leaving us now with a country which is the “murder capital of the world”.



I had such admiration for President Micheletti last year. I did all I could to make certain the true story was out there.
I don’t think I have the energy for a new President looking for attention by calling last year’s legal removal of the old president a “coup” and suggesting that it might happen again to him.

However, I’ll point you all to the story.

Gotta Go with the Links Today

If only because everyone else has one upped me.

1. Marc Thiessen:
Pelosi KNEW she had the power to influence CIA policy and yet chose not to stop the dreaded water boarding we hear so much about.

As a side note, I have to give Bush credit hear for deciding to listen to the House MINORITY leader’s concerns.

2. In an agreement at a conference on Afghanistan, or as Karzai called it “another important meeting on Afghanistan“, world leaders decided to pay Taliban fighters to come into their fold. Because once again, these doofus’s think that the only reason terrorism exists is due to poverty. They’re wrong. Again. And now they’ll be out millions because who wouldn’t “say”, oh yes, I’ve come in from the cold, pay me now.

3. Rush gives Obama some manly fatherly advice.

4. George Will on the SOTU speech.

4. LaGringa notes the new president of Honduras thanked every doofus that tried to hijack 2009 and did not thank the one person who allowed Lobo to get elected in the first place. This doesn’t portend well.

5. And finally, a laugh of the day as you watch Wyatt Cenac on the Jon Stewart show. Too good to skip.

Happy Honduras Day!!

The new President of Honduras is in office today. Porfirio Lobo.

The exPresident of Honduras is moving to the Dominican Republic today.

The military of Honduras has been exonerated in court today.

(the Washington Post continues to asininely report the events of last summer as a “coup”) (dumbasses)
Somehow in the news of record the military leaders were both a) found innocent of abuse of power and b) granted amnesty . Again – dumbasses, the only amnesty granted and received was by the weasel Zelaya.

The country’s institutions moved quickly this week to put the coup behind. On Tuesday, a Supreme Court judge found six generals innocent of abuse of power charges for ordering soldiers to escort Zelaya out of the country at gunpoint. Court President Jorge Rivera said in a statement that “prosecutors failed to prove the military chiefs acted with malice.”

Hours later, Congress voted to approve amnesty for both the military and Zelaya, who had been charged with abuse of power and treason over his defiance of a Supreme Court order to cancel a referendum on changing Honduras’ constitution.

Please read LaGringa for your accurate Honduras news.

Best of luck to Mr. Lobo!


1. Mammograms.
You have to love this…..Back in November after the big mammogram recommendations came out, our HHS secretary Sebelius said:

“There has been debate in this country for years about the age at which routine screening mammograms should begin, and how often they should be given,” the secretary added. “The Task Force has presented some new evidence for consideration but our policies remain unchanged. Indeed, I would be very surprised if any private insurance company changed its mammography coverage decisions as a result of this action.”

Yes, she’d be surprised if any private, private insurance company changed their coverage….[note the little threat]….BUT for government, all bets are off.

Gateway Pundit:

A full 20 states have now cut funding for mammogram screenings for low income women after a government task force last month made its recommendations that women in their 40s should stop routinely having annual mammograms.

2. Honduras:
La Gringa has a strong heartfelt guestblog today that is worth your time.

3. The 2000’s
I love this theme for the 00’s. “Unpaid bills coming due”.
Think 9/11/immigration/healthcare……I’d add the push for everyone to own a house…no matter what kind financial finagling was needed.

Laugh line

Castro condemns Honduras ‘farce’

American response:

“Millions of Hondurans voted in the recent competitive election won by Porfirio Lobo,” the statement said.

“When Raul Castro was named president, there was only one vote that counted – his brother’s. If Raul Castro wants to lecture about democracy, he should start practising it as well.”


Just Messing with Honduras


The “international community” has imposed two new requirements on Honduras as a condition to recognize Honduras. They now insist that in addition to complying with the Tegucigalpa Accord, Mel Zelaya (and everyone else) must be given political amnesty − despite the fact that Mel Zelaya was the one who insisted that amnesty provisions be taken out of the Accord.

Additionally, Oscar Arias says that President-elect Pepe Lobo must get President Roberto Micheletti to resign. So, in other words, Arias is turning the Tegucigalpa Accord back into the San José Accord. He’s worried that Lobo will receive the presidential sash from Micheletti. Too bad that Oscar Arias doesn’t know that the Honduran presidential sash is received from the president of the congress, not the outgoing president.

Who are these people??? What the hell is wrong with them? Lobo has already been hinting about amnesty for Zelaya even though Zelaya is the one who insisted amnesty be removed from the accord.
And if Micheletti resigns, then who holds that spot during this transition? Is Lobo to be transitioned by a secretary?
Oh Honduras, I have a lot of confidence in you as you re-find your place in this idiotic world.
May your industry thrive amongst yourselves.
May your military keep you safe from Chavez and his ilk.
May your people prosper.
And may you still be sane when I come to visit!


There you have it. 111 to 14. Congress, Honduras’ Congress has decided that Zelaya is not to be reinstated.

The crisis is over unless you are Zelaya and he needs to determine whether or not its safe to step out of the Brazilian embassy.
The crisis is over unless you are Brazil and aren’t sure what to do with your own government decree that it will not recognize any new president of Honduras from now until forever I suppose since Zelaya did not get to be president again.
The crisis is over unless you just want to prove your leftie bonofides and continue to not know what to do with a tiny little poor country who has said….We will follow our own laws. If you don’t want to recognize us, ….ok. Good luck with that.

LaGringa now requests that Honduras “be allowed” to return to how their own laws of the land work. It’s time for Micheletti to return until its time for Lobo to step up.

The people have spoken. The congressmen elected by the people have spoken (current vote is 74 to 10). We are ready to have our president back. We need Micheletti. He makes us feel safe against the outside forces who continue to menace Honduras.

We need for the US to quit interfering in the sovereign country of Honduras. The Honduran people are tired of the interference, the lack of respect, and the ridiculous demands which you should have been making to Zelaya instead. Basta ya!