Obamacare and Hondurus

This post by NeoNeocon is brilliant. Why? Because, agreeing with me, she connect the two subjects of Obamacare and Hondurus.

A lot of people in this country gave Obama the benefit of the doubt, over and over and over. Hondurus did it for me and that was in July of 2009. (I take that back…..that’s when I decided he was no constitutionalist. His bailouts turned me into a TeaPartier earlier that spring) [ps - I have a category for Hondurus if you care to review all the posts on the subject]

Anyway NeoNeocon notes something similar. Starting off over her concern that the debacle of Obamacare will not really cause people to kill liberalism.

Am I being too pessimistic here, or am I just being a realist about people? I honestly don’t know, but I do know we need to remain alert, press any advantages with vigor and intelligence, and not relax and think the fight is anywhere near over. But at least Obamacare has gotten the attention of more people than have the previous acts/omissions of this administration that should have gotten a lot more people incensed but did not.

You know what these acts/omissions are; I probably don’t have to list them. But one of the very first—one that most people don’t even remember—was Honduras, a crisis that occurred in June of 2009, only a few months after Obama took office. I wrote many many posts about Honduras at the time, because it seemed an extremely important indicator of where Obama stood on the issue of tyranny and power-grabs by an executive—and let’s just say it wasn’t on the right (correct) side.

And yet the MSM covered for him and twisted what was happening into something that sounded almost like the opposite, which was an even more alarming indicator of where they stood. From that point on, there wasn’t much question that Obama was intent on the tyranny path himself, and that the media would for the most part give him a free pass, a scout, and several guides along the way.

I was not reading NeoNeocon regularly at the time so I didn’t realize she had so many posts. She copies her first one at the link.

Oprah and Obama

So Oprah believes that Obama (and herself) is treated with contempt because he (and she) are black.

I’m curious what is their excuse for treating me with contempt? i.e. She thinks I’m a racist and he thinks I don’t believe in the rule of law and so would be perfectly happy keeping my own insurance even though the law hasn’t changed simply because he says he won’t prosecute!

I follow the laws I know about. I’m one of them “good citizens” you hear of. So Oprah – why do you and Obama treat me with such contempt? Is it because I’m white? Or “right”? Or middle American? or what?

UPDATE: Insty notes the blurring of lines between “black” and “effed up”

Those Obamacare Numbers Everyone’s talking about

A couple of interesting things.
1) 100,000 people is low, yet that number is very high when you consider that 1/3 of them (in the Federal Exchange) are now at risk for identity theft.

2) What’s that you say? You’re not worried because you don’t have anything anyway? Oh they find ways to use information. Any information. Not just thieves, but the government too.
See what they did with anyone with any tiny little connections to a single book on lie detector tests.

The officials then distributed a list of 4,904 people – along with many of their Social Security numbers, addresses and professions – to nearly 30 federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, the CIA, the National Security Agency and the Food and Drug Administration. ………Moreover, many of them had only bought books or DVDs from one of the men being investigated and didn’t receive the one-on-one training that investigators had suspected. In one case, a Washington lawyer was listed even though he’d never contacted the instructors. Dozens of others had wanted to pass a polygraph not for a job, but for a personal reason: The test was demanded by spouses who suspected infidelity.

3) The latest things now is that “most users” will be able to use the site soon.

Administration troubleshooter Jeffrey Zients promised the website would be working smoothly for most users by the end of this month.

You can never quantify “most” and how exactly does this work? For user A, he can get into the website, add his personal information, find his subsidy and his insurance, but for user B, he can get into the website, and get stymied at adding information? Why would one user have one experience and the other another other than over loading which we know is but a simple problem in all the problems that are Obamacare.

Sites generally work the same for everyone yet in this case, the site will work differently for “most” people than for others? Ah the lies.

Power Corrupts

Thank you Legal Insurrection

Back in 2010 after a famous Pelosi quote I wrote this concerning Obamacare:

My personal thoughts…..I read all the “early retirement” blogs out there. I look forward to the day the house it paid for and I can …..oh wait – no, I’ll need to keep working my very productive, nicely paid, highly taxed job because I’ll still need health insurance until I can get on the government medicare program. [tangent: I have a great job, wiht a great company, I just love the weekends!] Not anymore! Per Nancy,

“Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance.”

That’s the day that lazy bums like me without real ambitions to be rich get to be the slackers we want to be. Spending our time at jobs like “writer” and “part time horse trainer” or “animal communicator”. LOL

In the millions of people in this world, it does crack me up that the media hardly ever interviews a really sympathetic character. For example the woman on SNAP program whole will be down $53 per month and will no longer be able to buy her kids kiwi. ? Seriously? She still getting > $100 a week, her kids probably have their breakfast and lunch paid for at school and she can’t make ends meet on this because she can’t buy kiwi?

Or now we have this item in the NYTimes of a couple making $24000 between them who can now get free health care. This is a picture of them.NYT-Artists-free-Obamacare

My first thought….they have got to be artists living on a bunch of savings from when they made it rich in the NY scene. Yes, I’m a judger based on looks. No sympathy from me. Turns out I was right.

Legal Insurrection has done the leg work.

ht Maggie’s Farm

Elisabeth and Mark Horst, artists in Albuquerque who earn $24,000 a year between them, qualified for a zero-premium plan.

I have nothing against the Horsts. Living and painting in Albuquerque is a dream for many people.

But why should the taxpayers have to subsidize what clearly is a lifestyle choice? The Horsts are not exactly uneducated or without choices in their lives.

Here’s a part of Mark Horst’s bio at his art website:

Mark Horst grew up in small town Minnesota. He studied pottery and printmaking in high school and college, but his encounter with Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker led to years of very different work. After earning a Ph.D. in theology from Yale University, he spent time teaching and working toward neighborhood renewal in south Minneapolis. He pursued the craft of painting and drawing at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the New York Studio School. He lives in Albuquerque.

If paint were a means of freezing time and protecting us from the dangerous life of the spirit, I would put down my brushes. But, for me, painting is a way of breaking time’s grip and setting loose something wild and strong.

Elizabeth also is highly educated and closed her psychology practice to paint:

I studied philosophy at Yale, psychology at the University of Minnesota, and in addition have trained in Reiki, yoga instruction, and shiatsu. As for art… I taught myself to knit at the age of seven, designed and made my own clothes in high school, stitched a quilt while writing my senior essay in college. Fiber art has always been what I do when I am not required to be doing something else (and sometimes when I am). I began to sell my handwoven scarves at art fairs and farmers markets in 2002, and in 2003 closed my psychology practice to make art full time.

No sympathy from me. These are exactly the people who should be paying into the system.

Ah Yes…..step 1, complete

So the other day I started a new category called “Mark my words” due to what I will predict is our path towards single payer.

Step one: check, check, and check:

Who’s fault will it be? BIG business. Why? Because they need profffffiittttt. Evil profit. AND they pay their executive big bucks. Who hates insurance companies? We all do. Louder please. When these companies start raising their prices it will be because of their greed, and NOT because of Democrat idiocy.

In other fun news, Charles Krauthammer, via Hot Air gives great video footage on what happens when government decides what is best for you.

Gay Patriot unmasks the true evil behind the idiotic “I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it” statement. Oh sure, she was fine when YOU paid for it, just not her.

And Ace reminds us of the true plan which is what I am predicting. Single Payer.

Smart people suggest that in this fiasco, government has proven that they can’t run something this big. Wrong. (well, it’s really true, but that is not what’s going to come out of this) Instead it will be that combining private/public is far too complex for even the genius’s of this administration, so let’s do single payer. Everyone knows how to do that. Mark my words.


Seriously, this is the big news of the day? Obama lied about you being able to keep your plan. Yeah – who didn’t know that?

While admitting that Obama lied, MSNBC host tells Hugh Hewitt, it was one of those “political lies”. Deliberate, but normal. The kind that all politicians use.

I would say that’s true, but Obama lies so much that there isn’t a thing that comes out of his mouth that you can believe. So when he says he didn’t know about the spying, but someone else says he did, I tend to believe the someone else.
And when he says he’s weighing ending spying on all allies, I tend to imagine him in a room with a sign on the door saying

Quiet Please, meeting in Progress concerning spying

while when you crack the door open and get a peek, you see him with a party hat on along with his buddies playing poker.
Because, seriously….is the US going to quit spying? Of course not. doh

So when he says, you’ll be able to keep your policy if you like it, did you seriously believe him? No, of course not. So when it happens and these are the responses you get:

FACT: Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans.

— Valerie Jarrett (@vj44) October 29, 2013<

And insurance companies are FORCED by law to change their existing plans do you get mad, or do you roll your eyes?

Or when another response entails putting yourself on government assistance:

.…many of can expect a subsidy. Do you realize how awful this is? Basically they are acknowledging that millions of people who paid for their own health care in the past will now be getting taxpayer money. Essentially, a huge and unnecessary increase in government dependency.

Do you get mad or try to figure out a way around the system?

I am not shocked that Obama is a liar. I have been in shock for years that people put him in office and then back again. I am shocked that doofus’s on line state things like “I thought Obamacare would be good but I didn’t know I’d be paying for it” can’t read as I figured at least the middle class would pay attention.

That’s the shocking thing. So here it is again people. Read slowly and especially the part in bold. It’s highlighted because it’s true.
[ps - I actually realize that no self respecting Obama voter would visit this website, so apologies to all my readers as I don't mean you.}

This [people losing their current coverage] is a problem of a different order than the travails of healthcare.gov. The Web site will presumably get fixed; its failures are a bug, not a feature. Throwing people off old plans, in contrast, is central to ObamaCare’s remaking of American health insurance.
Carney justified the cancellations as the shedding of “substandard” policies, by which he means policies that are more affordable and less comprehensive than allowed under the law.
Many of the people who found that those policies suited them will now be forced to buy different, more expensive policies. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) is planning to offer legislation grandfathering those plans so people can really keep them. His bill would force Democrats to choose between defending the law and standing by Obama’s frequently repeated promise. They will, of course, choose the law.
The line about how “Americans must have the freedom to keep whatever doctor and health-care plan they have” isn’t operative, and never was. Welcome to ObamaCare.

And by the way – for the rest of the world – don’t bother listening to him as he is a lying sack and will look you in the eye and feed you bull. Hold fast and know that if we continue to vote in this sort of leadership that you had better get yourselves stronger.

UPDATE: Favorite column on this subject to date! With this gem:

Indeed, what is so infuriating to many of us is that is that now that it’s the law of the land, Obamacare supporters act as if all of the lies were no big deal and no serious person believed them anyway. But as anyone can tell you, if Obama had been honest about the trade-offs in his signature piece of legislation, it would never have become his signature piece of legislation. So please, don’t tell me the lies don’t matter

Kind of like his re-election!! If people knew what really happened in Benghazi….if people knew what IRS was up to…..if people knew…….

Because WE know better

This story, I mentioned in one of my links the other day, on Representative Polis looking for a waiver in Colorado ski towns concerning insurance bugs me more and more.

Sure, there is the hypocrisy mentioned by Erika Johnson about an unwavering Obama supporter acting surprised that the new Obamacare law actually does what is says it does, but there is more.

Polis is concerned because it’s “too high a price to pay”.

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, told a Colorado health policy think tank that Obamacare premiums will be too expensive for some of the wealthiest addresses in America – ski resorts like Breckenridge and Keystone. …

“We will be encouraging a waiver,” Polis told Health Policy Solutions in a story that ran today. “It will be difficult for Summit County residents to become insured. For the vast majority, it’s too high a price to pay.” …

In the land of the free, we should each get to decide what for us is a price that is “too high a price to pay”. Polis mentions that in ski areas people often pay 50% of their income on housing. (their choice) So do some people in Denver. (again, their choice) You say they have no choice and it is what it is? Bull. Move to North Dakota.
We make our choices in life. Post college kids often move to ski areas to enjoy a couple years before “real” life hits. It’s a choice with plenty of perks. One downside is they are more at risk for hurting themselves. Should the choices of those who go directly into accounting be used to pay for those in ski areas?

Yes, according to Polis right up until the time he got complaints from people in Summit County.
No, according to Polis when the choices were between owning catastrophic coverage and keeping cash on hand for the little stuff vs getting massive comprehensive coverage. Polis and his overseers seemed to know far more than you or I as to where our priorities needed to be. What changed? Not a thing.

Links today

1) Just because you have secret leaked documents that when published will screw up yet another relationship with an ally in the east, should you publish it?

………..according to top-secret CIA documents and Pakistani diplomatic memos obtained by The Washington Post.

2) Reason number 867,345 why we’re heading downhill. I suspect these numbers, where in people want the government to come in and fix a complaint they have with a company no one really needs to do business with, yet they continue to even though prices go up year after year after year, are an indicator of where “business” stands. (from the Denver post today)Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 6.26.49 AM

3) Speaking of Colorado……apparently a good Democrat seems to think that ski resort areas should get an exemption from the individual mandate because plans are “too expensive” there. You can’t make this stuff up.

4) David Harsanyi, rooting for an Obamacare failure, because, he’s a good American.

My hope is that Obamacare– not to mention, numerous other initiatives supported by the president — fails for a whole host of reasons. And not only do I have my fingers crossed that Obamacare fails in the way that most policy fails us, but I hope it fails so hard that any residual perception among voters that any part of it was prudent policy is completely eliminated. Anything less may mean that a substantial enough block of Americans will continue to operate under the false impression that top-down technocratic control of their decisions is a good idea. And that, would be a genuine failure.

5) The credibility factor. It can disappear no matter who you are and what title you have. With the Saudis:

The Saudi king, who supported Syria’s anti-Assad rebels early, before Islamic jihadists polluted the coalition, watched Mr. Obama’s red line over Assad’s use of chemical weapons disappear into an about-face deal with Vladimir Putin. The next time King Abdullah looked up, Mr. Obama was hanging the Saudis out to dry yet again by phoning up Iran’s President Hasan Rouhani, Assad’s primary banker and armorer, to chase a deal on nuclear weapons. Within days, Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar, let it be known that the Saudis intend to distance themselves from the U.S.

And with Americans:

Then there is Mr. Obama’s bond with the American people, which is diminishing with the failed rollout of the Affordable Care Act. ObamaCare is the central processing unit of the Obama presidency’s belief system. Now the believers are wondering why the administration suppressed knowledge of the huge program’s problems when hundreds of tech workers for the project had to know this mess would happen Oct. 1.

Rather than level with the public, the government’s most senior health-care official, Kathleen Sebelius, spent days spewing ludicrous and incredible happy talk about the failure, while refusing to provide basic information about its cause.

6) Speaking of credibility, Mary Katherine Ham posts many of those “feel good” messages that we’ve been sent.

7) Fred Upton on Obamacare:

“We tried to flag this problem early on,” says Representative Fred Upton, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over health care.

“We tried to ask the tough questions — were they going to be ready or not? Their answer was: ‘Oh, absolutely! We can hardly wait.’ And now, as a consequence, millions of people have been told: ‘Your policy is over. Good luck.’”

Upton says the consequences are going to provoke anger among millions of Americans who are beginning to learn what Obamacare means for them. As that puts the heat on congressional Democrats, it will be interesting to see if Republicans in the House will continue to defend their constitutional prerogatives — so far usurped routinely by Obama.

8) One more from National Review’s Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt. He’s a supersmart guy, so why is he asking this question (in bold)?

Is it possible that most Congressional Democrats don’t know about the death spiral? Or that they don’t really understand the death spiral? Or that they somehow don’t believe in it? Are they convinced you can add a lot of sick, elderly people requiring expensive care to existing insurance plans, and the insurance companies won’t suddenly need a lot more money? The insurance companies will raise premiums on their healthy customers, who will in some cases drop coverage, which will exacerbate the financial pressure . . . and the cycle continues until way too few healthy people are paying for the care of way too many sick people, and the insurance company goes under.

Is it that most Democrats just think health-insurance companies have access to Uncle Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin and can always find more money from somewhere when they need it?

Yes. They ALWAYS think that. And we ALWAYS pay up. Whether in real money or “owed” money, we pay.
Here’s the scenario as we go into the “death spiral”.
Who’s fault will it be? BIG business. Why? Because they need profffffiittttt. Evil profit. AND they pay their executive big bucks. Who hates insurance companies? We all do. Louder please. When these companies start raising their prices it will be because of their greed, and NOT because of Democrat idiocy. Just you wait. Mark my words. (I think I’ll a start a new category so I can find these in the future.) Insurance companies will be further demonized, the government (I’m assuming a Hillary win here) will move directly into universal care. Just hope you don’t get on the list for $100. (ht Maggie’s farm)

Universal Healthcare

I said it earlier, it looks like others agree. Diplomad points out the steps. (re-formatted by me for emphasis)

1- The government will spend millions more to “fix” it, and will fail.

2 -The Democrat Mau-Mau machine will go into high gear and blame
a) the Republican Congress,
b) the “Republican shut down” of the government, and, of course,
c) the private sector.

3 -Schumer, Wasserman-Shultz, Rangel, Pelosi, Sharpton, Krugman, etc, will allege that Obamacare is being sabotaged by the insurance companies, and

4 -the problem is that it did not go far enough:
time for the pretend to end, and the government to take over health care outright.

UPDATE: Aha!! Bold is mine.

A second reason for the pestilential rollout is complexity created by the requirement that users enter and confirm their personal information before they begin shopping. Some speculate the administration’s goal was simply to ensure those customers who are entitled to big discounts aren’t scared off by seeing only unsubsidized prices. But success depends on signing up enough unsubsidized customers. A likelier motive was to make the healthy and affluent, once they enrolled, fearful of unwanted IRS attention if they didn’t follow through on their mandated duty to buy overpriced insurance to keep the scheme afloat.