There is Hope

There is hope, not necessarily IN Jordan Peterson, but in the fact that he is so very famous and appreciated by young people (men especially) around the world.  I have been listening to him for a while now through Maggie’s Farm.  All while watching men around me weaken, year after year.

Just this weekend I’ve dealt with the heartache 2 of my friends have felt. Both dealt with flirty, loving words right up until the day that these “men” broke up with them.  (1 affianced and another married)  Who does that?  weenies

Were the relationships solid?  Apparently not, but also apparently the male side of these were too chicken to ever express it until it was over.  Blame the strong females if you’d like, but if this Jordan Peterson phenom is any good, then strong females will hopefully result in even stronger males.  Not weaker ones.

I like him.  I appreciate him.  I am happy to contribute so that he realizes in the midst of his public leftist skewering that he has support.  I am glad that young men find him interesting.  In some parts of the world, lost young men are joining ISIS.  People need to realize that they own their lives and it’s up to them to fix it.  And in the process fix the world.  Individuals can make a difference and Jordan Peterson is a quick example of that!



I know I’ve been neglectful of the old blog and these times they are blog worthy, so I apologize.

Today however Jonah Goldberg has such a great quote, that I must share it even if I neglect further commentary.  This is about the Judge Moore situation.  The quote is made bold by me and the other is the setup.  It’s perfect.

But serious thinking is a thing in short supply these days. When I called for conservatives to disassociate themselves from Judge Roy Moore, the response from so many Bannonistas was depressing in its vacuity. But he’s a True Conservative®! No, he’s not. But he loves the Constitution! No, he doesn’t. He’s a real Christian! Really? He’ll fight for the Trump agenda! He will? Trump supported his more conservative opponent, and Moore didn’t even know what DACA was and he opposed Obamacare repeal. And, of course, Shut up, you anti-Christian bigot!


All of this was hogwash then, and it’s hogwash now. What mattered is that people invested in Moore a meaning and symbolism he doesn’t deserve: He is one of us and he is against them. He’s not a person, he’s a talisman, a dashboard saint to a cause. I’m pretty sure Luther Strange is a conservative, a Christian, and a Constitutionalist. What he’s not is a thumb in the eye.

There is a lot to be said about all the latest in sexual assaults, and harassment and pedophilia and hopefully what I did say and sent to some of my nieces gets through.  I may have more to say here later, but for now, this will suffice.

Jonah is absolutely right.  Yes, it’s hard to trust the Washington Post.  They have discredited themselves too many times and that is tragic, because right here, we have a real story that with 4 witnesses and Moore’s very bad responses should probably be heard loud and clear.

Thank you Republican party for hopefully ousting this man from claiming the mantle of Republicanism.    Let’s bring shame back into our lexicon.

Teach Your Children

Teach them what normal behavior is. Teach them to respect themselves while expecting others to respect them too.
Teach them to never put themselves under another’s thumb where they are in need of their icky help and requirements. Teach them that fame and power and money are not as important as integrity. Teach them that judging others, while it’s God’s job, is also a requirement of deciding who and who not to follow/admire/befriend. Love people like Weinstein for being a child of God, but for safety’s sake, steer clear and speak up for others.

Remind them that while young, others will want to adjust that integrity to their own purposes and that it may or may not need to change, but to remember that there will be pressure as they mature. Be strong.

It’s hard. I’m older and it’s a lot less hard.
Those Hollywood actors/actresses over the age of 30 who have been lecturing the rest of us lo all these years…..I’ll stay away from them too.

Powerline on the subject.
They’re right. Clinton is the number 1 Weinstein. And Hillary his enabler. His office help that would create the setup. I continue to be happy they are not within shouting distance of the White House.

Defining People

I’ve had something in the back of my head bugging me for a while now and it’s slowly coming to fruition. You think back to the French Revolution or the current antifa riots or the campus heckler’s vetoes and it stems from a group of people who think everyone needs to think their way.

And their way can change depending upon where you stand. You can join the “group” (whatever group) but as soon as you waver on something, or look at someone funny, you will be condemned. This video is of a white guy who is apparently strong supporter of antifa, getting condemned. My guess is he probably thought he had a shot with that woman and she had no polite way in her handbag of tricks of turning him down. Best to condemn him.

This all comes from defining people.

A friend on fb posted this article on the “right” and it’s downfall. In the process it interchanges the right with conservatives incorrectly.

During the 2016 election, conservatives turned on the principles that had once animated them. Somehow a movement based on real ideas—such as economic freedom and limited government—had devolved into a tribe that valued neither principle nor truth; luminaries such as Edmund Burke and William F. Buckley Jr. had been replaced by media clowns such as Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Sorry – conservatives did not elect Trump even though they probably voted for him in the end.

But I digress.
Back to definitions of people. Camille Paglia is suggesting that gender dysphoria is a fad. I don’t disagree, but basically it’s the fad of making sure you have a definition in your life to live like. Define yourself! I am a woman. Ok – now what does that mean? I don’t often wear makeup or heels. I am a horrible flirt, have a lower voice and enjoy what many consider boy things….camping, playing with the dog, thinking through engineering problems, manual labor. I also love to dance and sing and sometimes play board games. Girl? Boy? My parts say I’m all woman so who are you to decide what a woman is that could potentially make me dysphoric? I call bull. “You” are defining me.

Here’s an article entitled Why are Americans Obsessed with buying Organic. Once again some author looked around the neighborhood and defined “Americans”. They seemed to be obsessed with buying organic. Ok – I’m pretty certain most Americans do not buy organic. Walmart is a pretty busy shopping place and while they have a shelf of organics, plenty of shoppers, shop for price. So who is this America?

And finally today we get this article about muscles and aging. (I like variety in my examples so you can see the trend!)

In the article is suggests that society looks down on the muscular. Um – not in my world. Show me a Navy Seal and I’ll assume top quality intellectual fighting machine. Not big dumb oaf.

A variety of social forces extradited muscle from respectable mainstream health. Muscularity once suggested physical labor and therefore a lower class station. More recently body builders hijacked the mesomorphic, minting steroid-fueled Rodin caricatures that were anything but a model of health.

Muscle also has been perceived as anti-intellectual. In the organ kingdom, it is the antithesis of the exalted brain, as in brain or brawn. It is our brain that distinguishes us from the great apes. Even within the muscle category one finds a hierarchy. Cardiac muscle appeared to carry none of skeletal muscle’s stigma. Academics might have jogged, meatheads pumped iron.

I suppose in the end if you are going to write you need to make these broad statements about stuff in order to make a stand, but I would posit this is not the way I thought we were headed back in my day as people were freed from societal constraints to be their own person.
Bring back the old days, says the aging woman in typical old person fashion!

(ht on all articles is Maggie’s farm who provides such a great digest of reading material every day that it usually covers all my needs.)

Feminism has Changed

Back in my day, feminism meant “let’s be sure those boys/men know that we girls/women are capable people who deserve a modicum of respect and similar pay for the same work”.

And now?
Apparently now it means “women are incapable of taking care of themselves so it’s important that we not allow strangers (men only, not sure about transgender) talk with them”.

I kid you not.
Schiappa is France’s new gender equality minister. Again, I kid you not.
ht Maggie’s farm.

Schiappa’s first goal is to tackle sexual harassment on the street. “It’s a huge phenomenon in France. It’s that moment when a man is walking behind a woman, talking to her, and the woman can do nothing, because she’s alone. She doesn’t scream for help, because she thinks, ‘It’s not that bad, I’ll walk, I’ll escape.’ Men feel it’s acceptable: they’re being ‘the French lover’.” Women are molested on public transport so frequently, Schiappa says, that many will dress in ways to avoid it before they use the Métro or bus. It’s enough of a problem that the previous government launched an anti-harassment campaign called Stop: That’s Enough to encourage people to report any incidents. “In France, if a woman is sexually assaulted, her first thought is, ‘Now I’m dirty and no one will ever want to marry me’ – the social responsibility of the victim.”

Her solution is on-the-spot fines. Macron has pledged to expand the police force by 10,000 over the next five years: why not give them powers to police sexism in the same way they do smokers who drop their cigarettes? “Twenty euros would be a bit humiliating, €5,000 would be more of a deterrent. At the moment, many men are saying, ‘It’s not a big deal, we’re only having fun.’ And we say, ‘No.’” She says she’ll be nailing down a precise strategy with the justice secretary soon.

I don’t even know where to start here. What happened to feminists wanting to be taken seriously? The day the police need to protect me from a man saying “baby” on the street because I can’t deal with it myself and we’ve stopped working on changing the culture from making that acceptable is the day we all need to give up. Sharia is winning and people don’t even notice. This is the exact sort of thing you could expect in Saudi Arabia. You do realize that if women are covered and not allowed out without a male (relative) companion, all this harassment would stop right?

Women are clearly very weak creatures

Women are clearly very weak creatures who need the extra protection of government regulation when dealing with men in any situation.

Seriously? Did I grow up in this age/time only to be told that I don’t have enough power in me to say ‘bugger off’ to a man whistling to me on the street?

Apparently in the Netherlands:

The Labour party (PvdA) has launched draft legislation which would make it a criminal offence to sexually harass women on the street.

Read more at Labour seeks to make sexual harassment on the streets a crime

ht Return of Kings who sees the future writing on the wall.

Milbank: Not thinking things through

Somehow defunding Planned Parenthood is going to INCREASE the number of abortions because PP would have to spend more of their own money on abortion and less on birth control.
Per Dana Milbank [bold is mine]:

The federal funds Senate Republicans propose taking away from Planned Parenthood are used largely to provide women with birth control. And because there simply isn’t a network of health care providers capable of taking over this job if Planned Parenthood were denied funding, this would mean hundreds of thousands of women, if not millions, would over time lose access to birth control.

Take away women’s contraceptives, and a greater number of unintended pregnancies — and abortions — would inevitably result.

Um – doesn’t Obamacare cover contraceptives? [yes, yes it does] And aren’t we all required to carry such coverage? So doesn’t that mean there is no “Take away of women’s contraceptives”?

Social Justice Warriors

Ace knocks another one out of the park. This time concerning Joss Whedon (pbuh). It rings all true.

Sort of a variant of the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect — you know reporters are useless when you read an article making an embarrassing hash of everything in your field of expertise, but then you turn the page to read them writing about other fields, and you assume, “These guys probably know what they’re talking about here.”

And so Joss Whedon, who so gleefully embraces Social Justice Warrior attacks on others, has now himself, perhaps, been purged by the Social Justice Warriors.

And it will make no difference.

I’ll admit it took me years and years to finally accept that the “news” is mostly false. I have save myself hours of time by no longer reading/watching the news except the local rag and whatever catches my eye on Drudge.
Between those and whatever blogs continue to keep me interested I still pass all the citizenship tests or the ‘are you up on the news’ tests that are out there.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but based on this review from the WAPO, I suspect the increase in womanliness of Black Widow is probably a good thing.

Another Study

These always crack me up…..Draw conclusions FIRST and then do a study.
Study Proves High Heels do have Power over Men

WOW!!! With all the women wearing high heels you’d think we’d be running the world with a headline like that…..
Let’s dig a little deeper (don’t worry we never go too far)

The study found if a woman drops a glove on the street while wearing heels, she’s almost 50 percent more likely to have a man fetch it for her than if she’s wearing flats.

“Power” over men? OR….is it that men are gentlemen who realize that a woman in heels will have a harder time bending over to fetch that glove?

Another finding: A woman wearing heels is twice as likely to persuade men to stop and answer survey questions on the street.

“Power” over men? OR… it that men are more likely to speak with a woman in heels vs flats because there’s a good chance the woman in flats’ surgery will be all about what a woman hating pig the man is?

And finally….

And a high-heeled woman in a bar waits half the time to get picked up by a man, compared to when her heel is nearer to the ground.

“Power” over men? OR…..lets rate your chances of getting laid…is the woman in heels more or less likely to be easier than the woman in flats?