My Take on the First Debate

I can never decide if I am an average voter or not to know whether my take should count much, but here it is……

Trump can be the President. He didn’t show anything there that makes me think it’s a big deal that he not be president, any more than Hillary.
Yes he took the bait on numerous stupid things while Hillary stood there ever so smugly. Yes, his world revolves around him, so ‘taking it to Hillary’ on ethics was not big on his agenda like it would have been on mine.
But there will be other chances.

He did a couple of things right. One is not being embarrassed about his wealth or fighting the overabundance of taxes and regulations on businesses. (though yes, he could have stressed that SMALL business gets put under the same rules and BIG business and suffers thusly)

Two – he did think on his feet. While Hillary was reading her talking points a LOT he was thinking more on his feet. Did you notice after calling her Secretary Clinton, that she called him Donald. His response on that point included calling her Hillary. He has intelligence. But yes, he is all Trump all the time.

Oddly the stop and frisk portion which made me wince seems to have made the pundits happy. Lester Holt brought up birtherism, mysogyny and Trump taxes without once bringing up the Clinton Foundation, emails or Benghazi. That doesn’t seem equally balanced to me.

I doubt minds were changed last night. For those truly not nevertrump or neverhillary they’ll want a few more of these talks. I remain neverhillary.

The Latest

I haven’t added fuel to the fire of late, so I might as well now……
The ol’ pile on Trump re the Khans.

Here’s what those talking heads don’t get. Trump talks like a lot of people. (sure – a bit loony, but like a lot of people) He says whats in his head. He questioned being questioned about sacrifice. Did Trump sacrifice a son? No – of course not. Is sacrificing his time/energy to build businesses while making money a comparable? No – of course not, but he lashed out like many do.

Presidential? No. Human? Yes.
Then of course he can’t shut up. He hasn’t been “trained” properly and will never be trained. So he brings up Mrs. Khan. Yes, many of us know Muslim women who speak for themselves, but we also read of those with genital mutilation, those who aren’t allowed to drive, or talk to boys or kiss before marriage or, or, or, or. Trump has no filters, but for the media to act like his thinking is beyond the pale is pretty stupid. No – it’s ‘in the tank for Hillary’.

For Obama to go out and suggest Trump is unfit for office by making an unfiltered statement is ridiculous compared to the stunts of the Democratic nominee and the people who continue to support her.

Obama said that denunciations from Republicans of Trump’s remarks “ring hollow” without an accompanying withdrawal of support.

“I don’t doubt their sincerity. I don’t doubt they were outraged by some of the statements that Mr. Trump and his supporters made about the Khan family,” Obama said. “But there has to come a point in which you say, ‘Somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn’t have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world.’ “

Surely you could say something even worse here about the Dems. Democrats have yet to renounce the lying and blame shifting of Hillary Clinton. They have yet to denounce the politics of personal destruction or the shady money deals in Haiti for the Clinton Foundation. There has to come a point where you realize the nominee doesn’t have the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world..”
Unless of course, the most powerful position in the world is all, and I mean all about what you look like on TV.

In All Things, Look for the Hope

So let’s look at the Clinton non-inditement…..

Not a single one of us had any expectation that Hillary would be indicted. None of us really believed that. It’s how she got to the top of the primaries. In a real world her party would have kept her from participating until after this date. And then they would have voted her down as being incompetent.

But this is Clinton’s world. And the rules are not their rules.

Comey actually announced that she was guilty and how she was guilty and then said, don’t bother with it.

Banana Republic is what we have right here folks and it will continue and become worse without some massive tilt. And that’s where Trump comes in. Best candidate? Not by a long shot. A loooonnnnnng shot. But, is there another candidate out there that would be willing to point out all the Clinton flaws and bring them to the light of day beyond a holiday weekend? There is not. (though it’s early – so I keep hope alive)

And for me – one person out of millions? Yesterday morning I was still planning on ignoring calls to help walk the precinct. Today I will not. Yesterday afternoon I was able to look a friend in the eye and say, yes – I WILL be voting for Donald Trump. Not because I agree with his policies, his manners, or his hair, but because he is currently the only person able to stop this runaway train of political corruption most clearly noted by Hillary Clinton in many, many ways but by the email scandal yesterday. Hillary’s judgement is clearly not conducive to being president.

Fair Play

To be clear – I can’t stand Trump.

To be clear – the one good thing about Trump is that he is at heart a lefty, which means he knows their tactics. Now I don’t actually believe he’s clever enough to use tactics, but I do believe after being raised a lefty, that it comes automatically to him.

So this judge thing with Judge Curiel……Trump is questioning his ability to give Trump a fair trial. Why? Because of the politics of race. From the left, it is assumed that all white men are biased. It’s assumed that white police officers are biased. It’s assumed that before Sotomayer was on the court that it, by definition was biased. But now it has a wise Latina woman so it’s not, even though she will just take the left’s position every time. There is no evidence that she is not biased. It’s assumed that Tea Partiers are racists.

So why – when Trump works with these basic assumptions, he’s the bad guy? He isn’t. He’ll get through this. Judge Alberto Gonzales even agrees with him.

Republicans are telling Trump to “get on the page” or to apologize etc. Trump is digging in Democrat style. In the past Republicans have been respectful and believing in the rule of law. No one of authority questioned AG Holder NOT pressing charges against those Black Panthers intimidating voters. The media did not question Holder’s views. Instead we respectfully stepped aside.

The one good thing Trump is doing is NOT respectfully stepping aside. Is he racist? Pretty much. But aren’t all white people racist anyway? Why not work to get a sympathetic racist white judge to hear his case?

Aside to the GOP: Quit telling the man what to do. He’ll only do the opposite and you’ll end up looking like an idiot for thinking you can control him. You don’t know how to win the presidency. You don’t know what Trump’s appeal is. You only have a media echo chamber telling you why Trump can’t win. If he can’t, he can’t. Let the people know the man and decide. Quit trying to hid him.

Our other option is already a known figure. We need to assess real risks, not the caterwauling of the left.

In perusing the net today I see Ace blogs on this far better than I. He’s got 3 posts, all worthy.
From most recent:
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It intrigues me about Trump how none of these “massive fails” of his, never cause him to fall. Perhaps with him absolutely refusing to work the room following the rules of civilized behavior that only fall to the right is doing the trick.
Time will tell.

Colorado Delegates

For those of you complaining about not having your vote for Trump count, it did. It counted in your caucus when you sat back and did nothing when they were looking for folks to go to the county assembly. Then it counted again at the county assembly when you voted for who you wanted to send to the state convention.
Oh – wait, many people didn’t want to go to the state convention. It’s way over there in Co Springs. Oh well, we have enough volunteers, let’s go drink beer.

Now – NOW you are asking for the state to change the rules so that your guy can win. Bullpucky. You change the rules now and suddenly I am cheated. Let it go. You lost Colorado.
Your man is NOT organized. He doesn’t ‘hire the best people’, and he apparently can’t read. Nor can his supporters.
I’m talking to you Drudge.

Ari Armstrong has a very nice roundup of how things work here in Colorado. (ht ThreeSources)