Here’s another story of the nevertrumpers and what they should do in regards to a pretty successful year 1.  One thing I’d recommend is that they start to recognize that the grenade needed to be set off in DC.

The stories of the FBI, DOJ, Obama administration et al are shameful.  The fact that they disappear texts and emails and have personal servers and email addresses and secret societies etc etc etc with such ease tells me that there is no shame in the organizations themselves.

Cruz wouldn’t have exposed this.  Clinton certainly wouldn’t have.  Kosich – ha, I laugh at that.  Nevertrumpers need to recognize that Trump was a requirement to drain this swamp of swampiness we never expected to see.

Post Election

A couple of things to note here.

1 – Thank you Bradley Smith via Glenn Reynolds for pointing out that the meme about money can buy elections is incorrect when da people have had enough.

2 – there are tons and tons of articles out there about why Trump won – go, read them have fun, watch the D’s try to figure it out, then have run reading this article who’s author is a bit delusional as she determines that there was an entire right wing machine in place for years to beat Clinton. That it’s amazing she did so very well against such an opponent. huh?

OR, you can read this article in my local paper which is adorable and admirable. The Integral Center for Yoga in Boulder interviewed an anonymous group of Trump supporters in Boulder to see why they voted for him.

So risky and courageous is it to speak publicly in this city as a Trump supporter that the panelists asked to remain anonymous, and event organizers insisted none of the more than 100 seated in the room photograph or record anything during the 90-minute forum.

The space was “safe” with even a dog around and moments of deep breathing and meditation and mindfulness

The panelists, all in early-to-middle adulthood, were a diverse bunch: a white man raised in central Africa who moved to the area recently; a gay black man adopted by white parents, who now lives in the foothills; a white woman who’s been obsessed with presidential politics since a stint on the high school debate team long ago; a part-Native American woman raised in the Rust Belt and deeply involved in the pro-life movement; and a white man who, since 2000 alone, has voted in presidential races for Ralph Nader, Michael Badnarik, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump.

“Take a breath and be aware of how your body is doing,” co-moderator and Integral Center Executive Director Robert MacNaughton instructed the crowd before the panel kicked off. He was the only one on stage who gave his full name.

So what did this group share? Basically Clinton and Trump both suck and Clinton sucked more. Just like I have said, over and over and over. (though maybe not here, blogging has been light)

First, none of them endorsed Trump unequivocally, and some of them even used words such as “disgusting,” “divisive” and “fascist Cheeto” to describe the man.

And, secondly, they shared a profound distrust and dislike of Hillary Clinton, a person they agreed is corrupt and unfeeling. Some descriptions used Wednesday evening would suggest she approaches subhuman levels of emotional capacity.

Go read. I am impressed and thankful that people in Boulder did this vs the rioting in the streets. Good for them and the Integral Center For Yoga.

Now if Democrats would listen, vs delusionally believing that Clinton was the best candidate ever and the Trump voters must be racist/mysogynist/deplorables we may be able to converse again one day.

Wow! The Clinton Machine is Done!

In most of the articles this morning, the story is the horrendous polls and how inaccurate they were. And why? Because they underestimated the white vote.

Per the Daily Mail, here is the breakdown.

It’s kind of interesting. Trump did not do badly with Latinos and held his own with blacks in comparison with other elections.

I think the articles should be about what a tremendously horrible, rotten, corrupt candidate the Dems put up this year. You have 2 candidates. Both are bad. One is corrupt and has been working to make this a banana republic bought and sold through the Clinton Foundation for years. The other – he’s insulting, and mean, and rude. Sorry guys, I’ll take insulting, mean and rude over absolute corruption and the continuation of corruption any day. With Trump there is a chance. With Clinton it would have been the same old same old.

Articles/Columns to read:
Daily Mail’s wrap up

From the WSJ before the election – this column was worthy.
David French of the National Review

At the same time that I’ve been Never Trump, I have also been Never Hillary. There is a measure of real justice in the America’s rejection of Hillary Clinton. The electorate has directly and intentionally rebuked her corruption, her double standards, and her arrogance. This election was less about the love of Trump (though many millions do certainly love him) than it was about rejecting the colossal hubris of the progressive establishment. This is a good thing, a very good thing indeed.

Kevin Williamson of the National Review

There is not much to celebrate in the elevation of Donald Trump, but there is much to celebrate in the defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Some time back, I described the Clintons as the penicillin-resistant syphilis of American politics; it turns out that there is a treatment after all, though it may remind us of some of the more exotic and unpleasant treatments that were relied upon in the time before antibiotics. Mrs. Clinton is an unusually unlikeable figure, having as she does the same sliminess and slipperiness as her husband but none of his facile charm and nearly flawless political instincts. She is also wrong about some fundamental things: what the Constitution means and how the Supreme Court should interpret it, abortion, gun rights, crime, education, taxes, the economy. . . .

From Richard Fernandez of PJ Media with a hat tip to limited government:

It’s not enough to give nice speeches or engage in teaching moments.. The facts are more important. Michael F. Cannon tweeted: “think of your least favorite presidential candidate. Now imagine s/he wins. Doesn’t limiting government power seem like a good idea?” Would the progressives agree with that now?

Da people were done with corruption and the unfairness of our justice system. They were done with passing down the presidency:Clintons/Bush’s (if you go back to the primaries).
Trump gave a great acceptance speech last night. Kudos to him.

May God be with him to humble him for this great opportunity to give power back to the people and the states of this nation. I am happy the GOP won both houses. They will work to keep him in check without automatically treating him like the devil as the D’s would have done.
He has a chance.

And so to does the Supreme Court!!!

What Changed Now

So yesterday I wavered. I don’t know if it’s the polls showing Trump is going to lose (this hasn’t bothered me before). Was it the weekend hot mic? (no – who didn’t know this of Trump?)

It’s the lack of understanding/compassion from the Trump campaign for the rest of the GOP.

And I have no respect for the GOP. The GOP is at fault for Trump. In their quest to not have a Ted Cruz or even Marco Rubio as their nominee in favor of Jeb Bush, they boosted Trump. They could have found tapes of how awful Trump is. They could have shown some minimum amount of understanding and compassion for those who actually need to compete with illegal aliens. They could have adjusted rules so that there weren’t 18 (18!!) people in the primary.

So they made their bed.

Trump is smart enough to realize his own personality and traits that are not presidential. He’s not a professional politician and he could easily discuss how he doesn’t quite get what all is needed, but that he does need a GOP congress if he’s going to get things done. Instead – he doesn’t care.
Just because Paul Ryan is vilified by many on the right doesn’t mean he didn’t get elected and gets to serve in his spot. Trump could easily ignore what’s going on with Ryan by just suggesting that he understands, but that when he’s elected President, they’ll all figure out how to get along. Isn’t that what’s done in business?

Why is this unforgivable to me vs Trump’s support of Kelos? I think it just may be that final straw on the camel’s back. It’s not any worse than anything else. And maybe it’s because Colorado no longer feels in play so I have a little leeway.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have money for a real Libertarian candidate next time that morphs into the new GOP? Come on – you know the GOP is dead and gone.

Also I lost a friend this weekend. He died within 3 months of diagnosis leaving behind a wife and a wonderful 4 year old girl. This election really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things.

Debate #2

When you’re young and you are excited about watching your first debate, tonight’s debate is the sort of thing you expect to see. Animosity, accusations, questioning of records. Instead you usually get politicians too filled with decorum to really discuss Benghazi with Obama, that sort of thing.

What we learned tonight.
1 – Donald Trump can learn and learn quickly. He had a lot of information at his fingertips concerning Hillary’s bullpucky that he didn’t bother to bring up last time. A friend and I wondered in September if he was just learning who his opponent is before really bothering with the one two punches. I think that’s true. He learned the facts and figures needed to hand her her “I’m most suited for the job” back to her on a plate.
2 – Donald Trump can control himself. I didn’t think he was going to make it 90 minutes but he did.
3 – Sorry – we didn’t learn a thing about Hillary tonight so I don’t have a talking point on that..

Trump wants the job and he’s going to do what he can to get it. He’s right, he’s fighting not only Democrats but the media and a good portion of Republicans too.

He did however earn my respect tonight.

ps – read this in regards to the Trump uproar.

As an aside – while I agree with much of what is in the link I have been saying all along that Republicans (big R party Republicans) got us to this place by not having a clue. They put up Jeb Bush as their guy and then figured the more candidates there are the better. Rand Paul would be an easy win over Hillary but no, the Republicans so didn’t want Cruz that they decided Jeb Bush was their guy. Jeb is probably an awesome man and would make a great president but not this election. The Republicans screwed his chances for a future run by running him this year. They were tone deaf and Donald Trump is their gift to the rest of us.

The Latest Trump Outrage

OMG – the Hot Mic!!!! Lord help us all, Trump sounded just like a crass dude with narcissistic tendencies and a big need to advertise his penis.

I’m sorry – but who didn’t know this about him?

In the meantime the FBI has turned into yet another minor partner of the Democrat party along with the IRS. Who gives a crap about Trump and his mannerisms about women? He’s an old dude who sounds exactly how I would expect him to sound in private. (Dear Donald, I know you’ve already apologized, but please do NOT get hooked on this subject during the debate!!!)

Trump is crass. Clinton is a crook.
Trump thinks he’s awesome and above the norms of societal behavior because women (God forbid) throw themselves at rich men. Clinton is above the law and she thinks only her and her ilk are capable of running your life.
Trump sees some women as objects. Clinton likes to destroy women who have been raped by her husband. Seriously which is worse??

I hate this election but #neverhillary

ps – I am a single 53 yo woman. I recognize that I don’t match my demographic, but I checked with a few others to confirm I am not dissing my tribe and others agree with me.

My Take on the First Debate

I can never decide if I am an average voter or not to know whether my take should count much, but here it is……

Trump can be the President. He didn’t show anything there that makes me think it’s a big deal that he not be president, any more than Hillary.
Yes he took the bait on numerous stupid things while Hillary stood there ever so smugly. Yes, his world revolves around him, so ‘taking it to Hillary’ on ethics was not big on his agenda like it would have been on mine.
But there will be other chances.

He did a couple of things right. One is not being embarrassed about his wealth or fighting the overabundance of taxes and regulations on businesses. (though yes, he could have stressed that SMALL business gets put under the same rules and BIG business and suffers thusly)

Two – he did think on his feet. While Hillary was reading her talking points a LOT he was thinking more on his feet. Did you notice after calling her Secretary Clinton, that she called him Donald. His response on that point included calling her Hillary. He has intelligence. But yes, he is all Trump all the time.

Oddly the stop and frisk portion which made me wince seems to have made the pundits happy. Lester Holt brought up birtherism, mysogyny and Trump taxes without once bringing up the Clinton Foundation, emails or Benghazi. That doesn’t seem equally balanced to me.

I doubt minds were changed last night. For those truly not nevertrump or neverhillary they’ll want a few more of these talks. I remain neverhillary.

The Latest

I haven’t added fuel to the fire of late, so I might as well now……
The ol’ pile on Trump re the Khans.

Here’s what those talking heads don’t get. Trump talks like a lot of people. (sure – a bit loony, but like a lot of people) He says whats in his head. He questioned being questioned about sacrifice. Did Trump sacrifice a son? No – of course not. Is sacrificing his time/energy to build businesses while making money a comparable? No – of course not, but he lashed out like many do.

Presidential? No. Human? Yes.
Then of course he can’t shut up. He hasn’t been “trained” properly and will never be trained. So he brings up Mrs. Khan. Yes, many of us know Muslim women who speak for themselves, but we also read of those with genital mutilation, those who aren’t allowed to drive, or talk to boys or kiss before marriage or, or, or, or. Trump has no filters, but for the media to act like his thinking is beyond the pale is pretty stupid. No – it’s ‘in the tank for Hillary’.

For Obama to go out and suggest Trump is unfit for office by making an unfiltered statement is ridiculous compared to the stunts of the Democratic nominee and the people who continue to support her.

Obama said that denunciations from Republicans of Trump’s remarks “ring hollow” without an accompanying withdrawal of support.

“I don’t doubt their sincerity. I don’t doubt they were outraged by some of the statements that Mr. Trump and his supporters made about the Khan family,” Obama said. “But there has to come a point in which you say, ‘Somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn’t have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world.’ “

Surely you could say something even worse here about the Dems. Democrats have yet to renounce the lying and blame shifting of Hillary Clinton. They have yet to denounce the politics of personal destruction or the shady money deals in Haiti for the Clinton Foundation. There has to come a point where you realize the nominee doesn’t have the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world..”
Unless of course, the most powerful position in the world is all, and I mean all about what you look like on TV.