Colorado Delegates

For those of you complaining about not having your vote for Trump count, it did. It counted in your caucus when you sat back and did nothing when they were looking for folks to go to the county assembly. Then it counted again at the county assembly when you voted for who you wanted to send to the state convention.
Oh – wait, many people didn’t want to go to the state convention. It’s way over there in Co Springs. Oh well, we have enough volunteers, let’s go drink beer.

Now – NOW you are asking for the state to change the rules so that your guy can win. Bullpucky. You change the rules now and suddenly I am cheated. Let it go. You lost Colorado.
Your man is NOT organized. He doesn’t ‘hire the best people’, and he apparently can’t read. Nor can his supporters.
I’m talking to you Drudge.

Ari Armstrong has a very nice roundup of how things work here in Colorado. (ht ThreeSources)

Abortion Politics

Trump says a lot of ridiculous things, but his statement on abortion was one of the least and one of the MOST respectful of women that he’s made.

The first-time candidate showed how little he understands about the politics of abortion by suggesting that “there has to be some kind of punishment” if abortion were made illegal.

“For the woman?” asked progressive partisan Chris Matthews of MSNBC. Mr. Trump: “Yeah, there has to be some form.” He added that men who impregnate women who have an abortion should not be punished.

The remarks caused an uproar—on the right and left—when the network released them Wednesday. Not even the most fervent abortion opponent favors punishing a woman who has one. If Roe v. Wade were overturned, opponents would try to pass laws that punish abortion providers or the clinics where they take place. Mr. Trump’s remarks were thus a political gift to Democrats and the left, who would like nothing better than to stereotype abortion opponents as misogynists who want to put women in jail.

In other words, for those on the correct side of abortion politics, women are weak, delicate creatures who’s decisions are easily influenced by doctors and men and who are the victims of these people who must be protected.

Vs the Donald Trump world view…..If abortion is illegal and a woman chooses to have one anyway, then she understands the consequences and needs to face them.
Who respects women the most?

(ps – I am on some days a never trumpster but he made a valid point here until he had to walk it back due to the “politics of abortion”)

A Very Good Reason to Vote For Trump

Though if Hillary is indicted before the election – vote for whoever, but she can not win this. As in, Dear God don’t let her win this.

This is far and away the most important issue of election 2016. All others pale compared to it. How our government — FBI and DOJ — resolves this investigation will affect the very backbone of our country: the rule of law. No democratic society can exist without it. No person, no matter how high, can be above it. Without the rule of law, the United States of America as we know it does not exist.

#NeverHillary (?)

Robert Tracinsky looks into why there is not a #neverHillary movement like the #neverTrump movement.

It’s a good question. Here’s what he comes up with:

the left is more accustomed than the right to sacrificing scruples for the sake of power — or at least, it is more used to doing it openly. If your ideological goal is greater government control of the economy (and just about everything else), then wielding government power is an indispensable first step. You have to win before you can even discuss what it is you’re going to do with the levers of power.

On the right, the object is to REDUCE government power. I’m a Cruz supporter and yet when he goes stupid and says things about the ignorant electorate I cringe and immediately jump to all is lost. Clinton supporters don’t do that and apparently neither do Trump supporters.


I know I keep wavering between being able to vote Trump and not, but today after yesterday’s primaries I am solidly #nevertrump again.

Would Hillary be bad? Oh yeah. Do I want to vote for a guy who sounds like a fascist? Oh no. Could Trump prove to be not his words since he’s not a “politician”….sure. It is possible that we’re so used to reading politicians that we just don’t know how to read Trump. That’s only comforting in the sense that we can hope that he evolves in the office. It’s not comforting when thinking about pulling that lever.

I haven’t given up hope for the convention. Colorado will give it’s delegates to the notTrump anyway. Ugh – it’s a bad day today.


Today’s pro Trump argument. 4th and 5th are below.

Over the last 15 years, I have watched the then-chairman of the DNC say the idea that President Bush knew about 9/11 and let it happen was a “serious position held by many people,” watched the vice president tell a black audience that Republicans would return them to slavery if they could, watched Harry Reid say Mitt Romney was a tax cheat without any reason to believe it was true, and seen an endless amount of appalling behavior on the part of the Democrats which is too long to list here and of which I am sure you are aware.

And now you tell me that I should reject Trump because he is uncivil and mean to his opponents? Is that some kind of a joke? This is not the time for civility or to worry about it in our candidates.

Fifth, I do not care that Donald Trump is in favor of big government. That is certainly not a virtue but it is not a meaningful vice, since the same can be said of every single Republican in the race. I am sorry, but the “We are just one more Republican victory from small government” card is maxed out. We are not getting small government no matter who wins. So Trump being big government is a wash.

And re Cruz….

Consider the following. Our country is going broke, half its working-age population isn’t even looking for work, faces the real threat of massive Islamic terrorist attack and has a government incapable of doing even basic functions. Meanwhile, conservatives act like cutting Planned Parenthood funding or stopping gays from getting marriage licenses are the great issues of the day and then have the gumption to call Donald Trump a clown. It would be downright funny if it wasn’t so sad and the situation so serious.

And AntiTrump from a scientific point of view.