Carbon footprint babies

The big thing today is the woman who aborted and then got herself sterilized so as not to increase her carbon footprint. She’s 27.

Personally, having children is a lot more personal than either Mark Steyn or Fox news woman give it. They aren’t having babies because they are concerned about future demographics of the northern hemisphere so give me a break.

And this 27 year old had the passion of youth – only she’s making permanent decisions with it. She may or may not change her mind about the joys of diaper changing and she gets to live with that. (she’s 35 now and doesn’t regret it)
Mark mentions the billionare who chose not to have children due to environmental concerns and the newslady mentions species extinction if people choose this.

Puhlease. Demographics may be changing and children often choose their families beliefs but I’ll start being frightened that humanity is going to be extinct the day after I start worrying because within 7 years carbon emmissions will only have grown.

People choose children for different reasons. Educated women generally choose to have fewer children than uneducated ones. Has that made the world stupider? I don’t think so. Rich women generally choose to have fewer children than poor ones. Has that made the world poorer? Nope.

No one needs to ridicule this woman for the choice she made to not have kids. Would you want a woman who doesn’t want kids to have them??

And another thing – if you do have kids, your carbon footprint goes down because all of a sudden you’re sharing all that energy you’re using in your home. At least that’s how those tests work.

2 thoughts on “Carbon footprint babies

  1. I love Mark Steyn but he sees demographics in lawnmowers. Ay the same time, I’m not quite ready to give this woman a pass. I think the key is her reason, Terri. I’m a happy childless guy and support anybody’s choice. To permanently preclude it because she has bought into the Malthusian nonsense of the environmentalists bugs me.

    While you and I are ready to defend her choice, she doesn’t seem so open minded: “Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet,” says Toni, 35.

  2. No worries – I can’t imagine befriending this woman. She just isn’t news. She’s getting a lot of attention in the news/blogs/tv.
    But she’s a woman who chose not to have kids because she thinks the more humans they are, the worse off the world is.
    I don’t believe it, but there it is and there is a woman willing to stand up for her convictions.
    No matter what her opinion about others is, she is doing what she thinks is the right thing.

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