Carbon Credits

Here is an interesting story on trees. Bottom line:

“If a tree is submerged in water, its carbon will be stored for an average of 2,000 years,” said Richard Guyette, director of the MU Tree Ring Lab and research associate professor of forestry in the School of Natural Resources in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. “If a tree falls in a forest, that number is reduced to an average of 20 years, and in firewood, the carbon is only stored for one year.”

Based on that, the California Air resources board want to include trees/farmers in the carbon credit game.

Let’s play.
I’m a farmer and I have 800 acres. 200 are filled with trees. 600 are farmed.

I register those 200 trees as being “potentially felled”. Why? Because now people will pay me not to fell them!!
All of a sudden the credits are coming out of no where!!!

People will do anything to “look” good (buy carbon credits to claim 0 carbon footprint). Now try actually doing what you think “look’s good”. Maybe buying the credit but not using it. Save a tree AND the carbon….

If this post confuses anyone on my stance, I think trading credits is bs. Either we have a problem and need to trash the economy to fix it, or we need to just in general take care of the earth because it’s out job.