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(not “danishes”, but Danish products)

Michelle Malkin has a nice roundup of the problems created for Denmark by allowing freedom of speech there. At the bottom she has this link which will take you to images of Muhammad throughout history sorted neatly into convenient areas of interest.

Book Illustrations
Medieval Paintings, Miniatures and Illuminations
Dante’s Inferno
Modern Iranian Icons
French Book Covers
Various Eras
Contemporary Christian Drawings
Animated TV Parodies
Satirical Modern Cartoons
The Jyllands-Posten Cartoons

The Religious Policeman has a VERY helpful chart to help all of us read what the “Offense Level” is for Muslims. It has been raised to orange. I’m not going to quote him because it’s well worth a read yourself! Enjoy but don’t take offense!

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  1. Some of those links are horrifying! Can’t believe they are bowing to Islamic radicals and groups with ADMITTED ties to Hamas and other terror groups. Just plain Un-American to allow terror groups to exist, I think.

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