Buy Danish

Michelle Malkin continues to carry the story. I say, let’s buy from the French again too after this!

A French newspaper has reproduced a set of Danish caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad that have caused outrage in the Muslim world.

Be sure to read the link to the Religious policeman at the bottom of yesterday’s post too.

UPDATE: oops, – maybe we won’t need to buy French again. I’ll go out on a limb here….buy American, Danish, Australian, English, Japanese, ………oh hell – buy what you need!

2 thoughts on “Buy Danish

  1. While I am impressed the French would actually take a risk of ANY kind – not buying their wine or cheese yet. Still po’d about their ties to Sadaam and their two-faced ness about Iraq.

  2. Excellent. I am torn about buying French but will adjust, I guess. Damn those French…or Bless those French.

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