Business Decisions 101

What to do in this situation:

On the one hand you have people being vigilant about terrorists and refusing to fly with others who they think are terrorists.
(Empowered people insisting that airport workers do a good job or else they will take their business to another airline)

On the other hand you have 3 families of children who delay a plane for 3 HOURS because they don’t want to fly with people speaking Arabic!!!
(you’ve now just delayed the other people on the plane for 3 HOURS in order to triple check some Arab people who have already passed inspection and to please 3 families with children who will annoy passengers anyway

What would you do?

One thought on “Business Decisions 101

  1. I think those three families should have decided that, if they were this upset by the passengers the airline said were okay, they should get on another flight and let everyone else get on with life. And I think, in today’s environment it is reasonable to ask to be switched, but that if they can’t accomodate you right away it is a risk you are taking to be true to whatever instinct you are reacting to……

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