Bush’s big news

He’s done what he should have done. Made Congress “Step up” and take responsibility for the things they think he is doing illegally. Good on him. I’ve run out of time to comment more, but Scott does a good job of dissecting the other side.

UPDATE Let me add this link too from Protein Wisdom. He confronts those who are objecting to the “timing” due to politics by noting that

Sullivan characterizes this as a gambit to “legalize torture” and despairs that those who secretly wish they could vote against such legalization won’t be able to now, because politically they would see doing so as a liability.

In other words, voting their consciences might lose them an election—and when the choice comes down to a vote between conscience and appearance, the people Sullivan wishes us all to vote for will of course choose appearance and sacrifice principle.

Talk about fathomless cynicism.

Amen to that.