Bloodthirsty Liberal continues to cover the goings on in Burma/Myanmar. I too am ambivalent about the situation. (not the part where the military is killing people) The monks started this protest over gas prices and it’s changed to be a protest over the military dictatorship.

Now imagine you’re a dictator and 10,000 people are rioting in the streets because of $5/gallon gas. You can’t “lose face” as we all know dictators like their “face”.
There’s going to be killing.

These people don’t want to lose, and they’re prepared to fight a lot dirtier than the monks are.

I’m a bit of the mind that if you want to take the govt over (or back from thugs) than you need to have power. Peaceful monks may make the newspapers, but basically they are looking for recognition for the crap that the Burmese put up with and some help from the outside.
The UN has always been useless and we’re pretty busy right now. I’m not a complete isolationist, but if you’re going to start something like this, it really should be thought through.

I’m curious what would happen if the junta would just lower gas prices.

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  1. so, monks have more time to think than the rest of us, right? I wonder where they thought this would go, and if this is it or???

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