The stories out of Burma are tragic.

BUT – the Myanmar government is more than just brutal, they are a bunch of dumbasses if this is true:

From the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs concerning their trouble in getting visas to go in and help:

“They [the visa requests] are on standby and ready to go.”

He noted that Tuesday was a holiday in Thailand, so the Burmese Embassy there was closed.

60,000 Citizens dead or missing, 1 million awaiting help and the Embassy is taking a holiday??

To those “other” countries out there who often get on Americans for being so unsophisticated that we think a paltry 2 weeks of vacation a year is normal, I say, “In an emergency – bring on the American work ethic!!”

In related news Stephen Green asks

Does Al Gore really want to be remembered as the guy who walked over 50,000 still-warm corpses to drive up the shares of his investment fund?

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