Budgeting – This Time it’s Ryan’s

I think I’d prefer yet another continuing resolution to the budget out there now.

You have $63 billion increase in spending over the next 2 years to cover the sequester who’s spending no one really misses. (except maybe the National Zoo – see previous post)

Why? In exchange for spending cuts after that. Bullshit. That isn’t how the government works at all.

The legislation provides $63 billion in sequester relief over two years, which is split evenly between defense and non-defense programs. This is offset by targeted spending cuts and non-tax revenues that total $85 billion. It reduces the deficit by a total of $20 billion to $23 billion over a 10-year period.

The sequester itself was not a spending cut, but a cut in planned spending increases. No one seems to have slowed down their new spending in response. (see new spending for the surge in Obamacare tech help)
In the meantime, Rachel Maddow today claims the deficit has only grown under Republicans, which sounds like bull, (I think she’s talking Presidents vs Congress who creates the budget) but I don’t even know because of budgets like this one.
We got rid of a bunch of spending last year, why not keep it there?

Nope, instead we have Boehner spanking conservatives who disagree. He thinks we should just move on like all of this is a good thing and that these new upstart Tea Partiers don’t know how to do politics right and currently we need to keep the focus on the failing of Obamacare. Um – it seems like we can do 2 things at once. Pay attention to spending AND document the downfall of Obamacare. Frankly one focus on one problem is part of the GOP problem. When you start focusing on all the multitude of ways this administration is bad, that is when you start hitting your numbers. IRS/NSA/Benghazi/Fast and Furious/Obamacare/spending

Is it because there have been no consequences in the past for these crazy budgets? Is that why we’re being told to suck it up? Sorry guys but you’re perpetuating the problem with this bipartisan deal that will keep the government afloat with crappy future promises. Put on your grown up pants and pass a reasonable budget. If the Senate turns it down, move on from there.

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