Bonfire of the Goons

Varifrank has been threatened due to his picking on people who are rioting over cartoons. That bites. However, he mentions my name so often that I’m kind of thinking he’s going to make me famous! (As I tell people on the phone who ask my name, it’s “Terri Goon, yes, really”. )

I’m appalled at the goons and what they do, but I’m even more appalled at the rest of us and what we do in response to these goons almost as regular as clockwork.

Let’s get this straight, These protests are not about “blasphemous cartoons”, its not even about Islam. It’s about the goons. It’s about the mob, and the mentality of the mob. But more importantly it’s about how we give in to the mob. It’s as if we want them to like us and every time we try to make them like us by being nice in response to their intimidation, we strengthen them.