Blogiversary-3 years

Today is my 3 year blogiversary, so here is my yearly photo.
That’s Merlin with me.


I can’t believe I’ve actually stayed with this for 3 years.
I definitely need to send appreciative thank yous to Scott at the Environmental Republican for continuing to read/link. Glenn at Instapundit for the ‘wooohoo!’ times he’s linked. And this year’s new must read JK at Three Sources who is a true lover of calf blogging.

Thanks also to you commenters. I don’t know if you realize it or not, but we bloggers live for the comments. Well, that or another John Kerry doofus moment.

I was burning out in January this year and decided to slow down. After the self imposed pressure was off – blogging came back with a vengeance!

So forward on to another year. An election year at that! It’s still a very cool ‘verse out here and I’m happy to be a part of it!

Time for some celebratory cake.

7 thoughts on “Blogiversary-3 years

  1. Congratulations!! I hope you know that some of us readers live for your commentary even if we don’t always post a comment saying “good one.” In your case, they are almost always “good ones” and I read them everyday. Great photo!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Way to go !! Who would have thought three and a half years ago we’d be here now?

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